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I have a rather serious problem. My only way of watching my blu-rays is on my computer. I've been using PowerDVD 11 Ultra for a while without significant problems. I recently noticed, however, that it was stopping playback during movies, simply pausing and then crashing. I decided to reinstall in the hope of getting smooth playback. After doing so, I had a new problem: all blu-ray video was now very light, forcing all darks to be gray, instead. I should note that I have a Radeon 5770 card and Catalyst's video settings are disabled to allow the player to function without interference (Catalyst 12.6). Despite that, however, PDVD still just gives me gray blacks. I tried downloading TotalMedia Theater and WinDVD trial versions to find a program that works right. To my shock and horror, I have the exact same problem with them, too. What is wrong with the blu-ray playback that has caused programs to play incorrectly? I am convinced that the problem is not related to my computer. One moment, everything was fine. The next moment, everything was bugged. Please note that all other video looks perfect, whether it be DVD, video files, or online videos with my Catalyst settings applied to them.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on? Does Blu-Ray software actually work right on computers? I noticed that the Cyberlink forums have plenty of people talking about this same issue happening with PDVD12. Considering that I had the exact problem with the other two programs, I think this goes beyond software developers. Regardless, I would really appreciate any help.
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  1. I use corel windvd pro.
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