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Does the Athlon xp2100 processor have a thorobred or palmino core or are there two different verisons using each of the following cores? Building pc with asus a7n8x board and planning on overclocking it.
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  1. XP2100 is the Palomino Core. T-Bread starts @ XP2400.

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  2. Newegg has thoroughbred cores starting at xp1700 ($49.99). They should overclock well. Be sure your mobo supports them. Some older kt266a boards, such as the ak31a, don't support thoroughbreds at any speed.
  3. I knew they were going to go backward, but didn't know they had yet.

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  4. I just bought an 1800+ with the thoroughbred core and am running it on an Asus A7V266-E without issues. Haven't overclocked yet, wanna give it a few days to let the Arctic silver settle in.

    A7V266-E W/Athlon XP 1800+
    Volcano 7 HSF
    Seagate Barracuda IV 40GB 7200RPM
    Viewsonic 19"
    SoundBlaster Audigy
  5. Yea, I'm runnng the XP2400 myself. I haven't seen a need to OC it, although I know it will quite a bit.

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  6. ORIGINALLY all Palomino's went from 1500+ - 2100+ than Thoroughbred A chips came out at 2200+ than they scalled them all the way down to 1700+ - 2100+ as Thoroughbred A's...

    I Have an 1800+ Thoroughbred A running at 2000+ with default voltage (1.50) and a TT Volcano 7 under constant full load at 33 - 34 degrees celcious.......

    Factory Unlocked too....awesome chip.....

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  7. The cores vary. If you are buying a processor that has just been produced, it will likely be on the Thoroughbred or Barton core. If you are buying a 2100+ that a salesmen claims is "brand new", but it was made 6 months ago and has been sitting on a shelf (even if it hasn't been opened yet), it may use the Palomino core.

    When AMD redesigned the new cores, it goes "out with the old, in with the new" No matter the speed, the processors they are currently making will only be Thoroughbred or Barton.

    The only difference between the Palomino and Thoroughbred is, the T-Bred uses the 0.13 micron process (the dye on the Palomino is 0.15). This is theory will allow it to generate less heat, and will affect the number of transistors.

    The Barton core is the newest upgrade, having a 512K level 2 cache (the Palomino and T-Bred have a 256K L2 cache)

    I don't think AMD is currently making anything less than a 2100+ There are of course 1500+ out there, but they are left overs that just haven't been sold since they were made. AMD will have a 2800+ out soon.


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  8. The Nforce2 boards requires a T-bred B core to unlock the multiplyer, only 2400+ and up has that. All under 2400+ exist with both T-bred A and palimino. The new T-bred As are really good, 1700 and 1800+ can run at really low voltages and really cool too.

    As I said, you will need 2400+, 2600+, 2700+ or 2800+ to unlock the multiplyer.
  9. The palomino core goes up to 2100+ and uses a .18micron manufacturing process.

    The Thoroughbred A core uses a .15micron manufacturing process. It goes from 2100+ to 2200+ (they may have used it for lower speed athlons aswell but theres no way of knowing if you get a palomino of Tbred in one of these).

    The Tbred B core was introduced because frankly the Tbred A core was crap and it couldnt really reach speeds higher than 2200+. So the revised Tbred B core came out and was a whole lot better it goes from 2200+ to 2800+. Again when u buy a 2200+ u dont know if ur gettin the Tbred A or Tbred B core.

    From 2700+ onwards the FSB of the Athlon increases from 266Mhz to 333Mhz, but as far as i know there is no increase in cache as of yet.

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  10. Get a XP1700 or 1800 TbredA. Cpeap chearful cool & overclockable. They also come multiplier unlocked!

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  11. Quote:
    The Thoroughbred A core uses a .15micron manufacturing process

    The Thoroughbred A core comes from a 0.13 micron process. ATI uses a 0.15 micron process in its R300 line of chips. The major difference between the two cores is the addition, on the B version, of an extra 9th layer (8 layers on A) and a extra 4mm (A is 80mm^2 while B is 84mm^2). This extra area seems to help the processor dissipate heat.

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  12. Quote:
    the dye on the Palomino is 0.15

    I don't know what color it actually is (<A HREF="" target="_new">dye</A>) but the <A HREF="" target="_new">die</A> of a Palomino is based on a 0.18 micron process with 7 layers and a die size of 128mm^2.

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  13. The new magic chip is the XP2100 TbredB

    <A HREF=",3902&keywords=&minprice=&maxprice=&description= &srchFor=BOX2100DMT3C" target="_new">AXDA2100DUT3C
    AIUHB 0248MPMW</A>

    Key is the "AIUHB" code. <A HREF="" target="_new">PC Nut</A> has them too.

    People are getting 2400+mhz air cooled. See all over the front page of <A HREF="" target="_new">Overclockers</A>. I just received one, but my new nforce2 motherboard is still in Oregon.

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  14. Yeh sorry, i meant to say the palomino has a .18micron manufacturing process and both Tbreds use .13. Soz bout that.

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  15. I bought a XP1700 TBred from Newegg, it turned out to be a TBred B :smile: . I've overclocked it up to 2.157ghz, air cooled. Not bad for $51 :smile: :smile: .


    It goes well with my Tachyon G9700 Pro and my A/C cooled case.
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