SVP AIDER MOI MON PC TOSHIBA L 650 PSK1 JE i 3 NE TROUVE PAS LE PILOT DE LECTEUR DVD " MATSHITA_DVD-RAM_UJ890AS 1.40 mon system et sur windows 7 64 home prem a chaque fois il faut ke j install le pilot manuellement et ke la solution des spwarfil powrfil n'existe pas sur mon regedit :( repond moi sur et merci a tous
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  1. Hi :)

    English please....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Can't understand anything but the description but from what I could you should not need drivers for a DVD reader/writer with Windows 7. What is the problem or error code you are getting?
  3. :( thinks I HAVE A erreur cod 19 WITH TOSHIBA L 650 PSK1 JE i 3 HE CAN T FIND AUTOMATECLY THE DRIVER FOR DVD " MATSHITA_DVD-RAM_UJ890AS 1.40 my systeme is windows 7 64b home prem .i not have the spwarfil or powrfil in regedit :( anser me ) may english writen is bad excuse me
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