Please help! problem with xp 2400

Hi, Im having problems when trying to run a XP2400 processor at 133mhz fsb using the jumper settings on a jetway V333U board. The computer just seems to hang when loading Windows, so far it has been running with a 100mhz fsb which seems to see the processor as a XP 1800 @ 1507mhz. I can run the memory at 166mhz without problems, but as soon as i change the fsb to the correct speed, i just get hassle. I have also tryed to use the bios settings to increase fsb, but with no luck (same problem with hang). The things i have done so far to correct the problem are as follows...

1. Used only 1 memory module
2. Updated bios using "magic bios" to the latest version
3. Removed ethernet card
4. Used various different graphics cards (sdram and ddr types)
5. attempted to change cpu multiplyer (without success).

The problem i had with the cpu multiplyer was that i couldnt find any options to increase it high enough to support the XP 2400, which i beleive to be 15x multiplyer (the highest setting in the manual for the board is 12.5).Do you think this is where the problem is?. The board is supposed to accept up to 2700XP proccesors with the new 166mhz fsb so i dont think the mobo should have problems supporting it. Any help or suggestions regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated, Thank you in advance.

Here is a list of my components

Jetway V333U motherboard (latest bios update)
XP 2400 processor
2x TwinMos 256mb ddr 333 pc 2700 cl 2.5
Chaintech g-force 4 4200 128mb
2 x maxtor dimondmax plus 9 60GB hdd
Liteon 52x24x52 writer
Realtek RTL8139(A) PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
Using the onboard sound
Windows Millennium Version 4.90.3000 Build 3000
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  1. Ahhh, figured it out at last. very simple solution. A chocolate watch goes to the first person to figure out what was wrong :)
  2. Close the 5th L3 bridge. Is that the answer?

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  3. Insufficient PSU?
    wrong clock multiplier?

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  4. You installed Windows XP and got rid of that millenium crap?

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