Battery Compatibility between Packard Bell BU45 and ASUS

Hi I was wondering if there are batteries that are compatible with the Packard Ball BU45 that are meant for asus.
I looked at this site: and saw that the reverse is true.
Can anyone enlighten me?
The Asus compatible batteries available on other sites are much cheaper than the Packard Bell ones.
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  1. I don't see anything about that battery that states anything about ASUS, where did you see this info?

    I would not use batteries made for 2 different vendors, even if the amps/volts are the same and the connectors the same, does not mean that the electronics controlling them will work right. You willing to risk frying your laptop to save a few dollars?
  2. When you click on Product Information it give compatible models.
    I only bought the laptop second hand this week for basically nothing!
  3. If it works one way, should work the other way, but that is a "should". If the product does not specifically say it will, and it does not, nothing to be done there.

    Also check ebay for some 3rd party batteries. Quality won't be nearly as good, and chances are they won't last much over a year, but will be much cheaper.
  4. Thanks, I did check eBay.
    Onwards to victory!
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