HELP!!! DIsk boot failure

I just built a new computer about a month ago, and suddenly whenever i try to boot it it says Disk Boot Failure. Insert system disk. THen it freezes. There is a green light on the motherboard when i boot up, and I have checked that all cords are plugged in especially between the harddrive and motherboard. What is wrong? How do i fix?
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  1. bummer, did you install a new hd as well, as i've had this problem too. put together a new system, only to have it crash shortly thereafter. mine was due to a bad hd. replaced it and all was fine. also, what os are you using? sometimes re-installing os again will clear this up. and,AND, did you re-format your hd recently? if not, it's probably time. (that's what i do first anyway, when in doubt----format!!!)

    i go for the easy solutions,others in the "know" will probably tell you exactly what's wrong!!!.....

    like: what's your psu wattage? and, try a different mem. stick ( if available)..

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