How do i unscramble motorola dta/100 filter in box

i have basic cable, before they went digital we got expanded fror free. now they have digital boxes...i just need to know how to unfilter the motorola dta box i gut from a friend so i can plug my cable in to it and get my channels back.
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  1. I don't see any answer so here is mine:
    Motorola DTA boxes are useful only for open QAM digital channels. You can't watch premium (encrypted) channels on this receiver since it doesn't have decryption capability. This is a very simple construction and it doesn't even have RCA audio/video connections. It works only through an RF modulator switchable between Ch.3 or Ch.4
    It was meant to be used by our grandparents that still have the old NTSC TV sets and won't buy a new digital TV or more expensive cable services that include Set Top Boxes. The DTA is a Digital Transport Adapter only, it doesn't even qualify as a box. It is for Basic Cable Services only. If you buy ane newer digital TV, you won't need this anyway, it has a built in QAM tuner.
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