Question for anyone that has ordered config notebook from HP website

For anyone out there that has purchased a configed notebook recently from HP's website, does it take the full number of days that they estimate on their website?

I'm torn between the ASUS G60VX-RBBX05 from bestbuy and a config'd dv6t with similar specs(only major diff is HP has 4650 v Asus has 260m). The HP is about $200 cheaper than the asus and I prefer the HP design a bit more but I really want this laptop before I take a trip on the 16th and HP's estimate says it wont arrive until the 16th, to late for me to have it for my vacation.

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    Depends on how fast they ship it out and who the delivery company is that they use. If it is UPS, it may arrive sooner than later, at least that is what I have noticed. If it is say FedEx or DHL, it will probably arrive on the date they give you. If I were you though, I'd go with the Asus. They are better built in regard to reliability and longevity. That's me though (I've had one too many bad experiences with HP's laptops).
  2. Asus is a more reliable brand and will come with some 'useful' bloatware.
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