Rc410-m2 not booting or beeping

I Have a problem guys this is the case:
first I did a bios flashing on my PC packard bell Istart mc 5417 with mobo name rc410-m v 2.0, I get the flash program from packard bell site and I created a cd with that program then I started the bios flashing when I proceed every thing is fine till the end the pc ask for restart and freeze I press ctrl+alt + suppr to reboot there the pc aint work again no signal from the mobo no beeping and black screen.

I try an other bios but nothing at all the power is ok on the mobo but nothing on screen the graphic card work on an other system even ram and processor but in mine nothing. I do not know what is the problem? Please tell me what to do any help peaple? please answer and whit many thk's best regards from osg-tn
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  1. If the BIOS flash went bad, the only fix is to replace the chip or the motherboard. Motherboard will probably be easier and maybe cheaper.
  2. u mean the mobo is dead?
  3. ogarci said:
    u mean the mobo is dead?

    Yes, sounds like the BIOS flash got messed up, which kills the system. You can see if the BIOS chip is available separately from the motherboard, ebay or from Packard Bell.
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