Athlon 2100+ vs Northwood Celeron 2.2GHz

The AMD Athlon Palamino 2100+ and the Intel Northwood Celeron 2.2GHz are priced about the same at the moment (where I am, anyway). These are pretty much the only 2 processors in my price range. I know that obviously performance differs greatly depending on the rest of the system, but which of these two processors gives better performance? Which should I choose? I'm leaning towards the Athlon, but it does have a lower fsb speed and a lower clock speed, so I don't know ....
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  1. Umm I think you will find the athlon will win by a mile in terms of performance. That processor probably performs about equal with the p4 2.2, so it would easily beat a celeron of that speed (EASILY). There is also the fact that athlon motherboards are currently generally a bit cheaper tyan those made for the p4 and in order to get the maximum performance from the p4 you need RDRAM where as on the athlon you can rest assured that by buying cheap DDR you are doing the best possible for your processor. I dont know why but I think I would feel guilty if I had a p4 with DDR, it would be like I was wasting its performance. O well, I think youll find the Atlon to be a better performer

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  2. The Athlon will slaughter the celeron. I remember benchmarks here with an Athlon 1600+ killing a celeron clocked at 2gig. They even overclocked the celeron to 3gig and the Athlon 1600+ still beat it in some benchmarks.
  3. The AMD 2100+ hands down.

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  4. There's no need to even ask this, the answer is so obvious lol.
    If you really need some "professional" proof, check THG. The XP2100 will win by such a huge margin, the price you pay for the MB and its features is your main concern from then on!

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