W7 HDD Main Screen customization

I'm interested in changing the way my HDDs display on the main Win7 "Hard Disk Drives" display screen (when you click on your system in Windows Explorer).

I have several drives which are used for backup, and I want them to display separately from the others (it's annoying because I never actually open them, they're just there for backup)...

Is there a way to do this? I haven't been able to find anything like for example, adding a folder such that it contains the drives I don't access frequently? Changing the folder display options (list, tile, etc.) doesn't help me really...

Thanks in advance...
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    You can give your drives custom icons in place of the default ones, so that your backup drives are instantly recognisable from the others:

    I've done it to my 3 external hard drives, but I did it manually rather than using software. The way I did it though only works for external drives, using a simple "autorun.inf" file.
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