My games are getting staticy sound... HELP

Hey guys,

I am pretty damned annoyed and confused. I have very recently bought Battlefield Bad Company 2 for PC and successfully played it for 2-3 hours before having a break. When I rebooted my computer and tried to run it again, the sound was awfully delayed and painfully staticy. By painful I mean it hurts my head and ears.

This is not the first game to be affected. Halo 2 for Windows Vista is doing the same thing just as Battlefield 2142 did. They worked fine and then had this issue. Nothing else is wrong, just the sound. Grand Theft Auto IV was the opposite. It started out with staticy sound but once I updated it for the first time it was fine.

I have updated all of my computers drivers, particularly the sound drivers and still no luck.

Please do not refer me to EA Techsupport because they are the most useless s*** I have ever come across. Their phone service is dodgy and expensive, their support site actually crashes Firefox and IE and the e-mails never get replied to.

ANY help you can provide would be awesome and I can give you whatever information you require.

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  1. Have you tried maybe using an older driver? Sometimes I've found rolling back to an older driver has fixed some audio / video issues i've ran into with a particular game. Just an idea though.
  2. I would not know where to get the drivers to roll back to. I am using an ASUS EPU with Windows 7. I am pretty sure I am using Realtek but the Realtek website does not have any drivers other than the newest ones. Any help?
  3. First check the cords, cords recieve a lot of wear, and one little copper wire out of place can affect the entire sound quality. If the speakers have a subwoofer, it could be that it is bad. I had a set of speakers do something similar on me, and I replaced the subwoofer and it ended up working out fine.

    FYI: If you have to much bass volume, or have it turned up too loud for too long, it could blow your subwoofer.
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