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Hello,I have several HDMI components in my home theater. The main audio amp/preamp system only has optical audio input. Is there a device that can convert HDMI into Optical out + HDMI out?
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  1. I think this is what you are looking for. Accepts four HDMI inputs, has one HDMI output, one TOSLink optical out, one COAX audio out, and one Stereo output.


    I only have my HTPC connected to it as the sole input, but run HDMI/stereo out to my HDTV and TOSLink Optical to my receiver (secondary video from my HTPC goes to my projector).

    -Wolf sends

    Here's a link to my living room setup to help you understand my viewing needs:
  2. thanks for that reply, its perfect for what I'm looking for although I'd still like to find a better price on one
  3. I realise this is an old converstation but I'm trying to find a solution myself. The problem with that product you linked to is that it converts 5.1 CH HDMI input to stereo output via optical/Toslink, so no good for surround sound systems. Personally I'm looking to convert HDMI output to separate HDMI video with optical output of 5.1 CH. My TV optical output also outputs stereo only, and with a huge delay compared to the video signal on the TV so it's not ideal either.
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