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Can anyone give me insight into how I will transfer all my programs from a current macbook to a new macbook pro? I have CDs for everything, but I'm wondering about registration/installation on another computer. I'm mostly worried about Final Cut Express and the Adobe suite. Will there be any issues just reinstalling and moving my docs?

Anybody have experience with this?
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  1. Yes, there will be problems regarding registration.

    If not, people would just transfer programs to multiple computers without purchasing separate licences.

    However, in the case of certain programs, like MS Office, the program can be uninstalled from one computer and installed on a totally different computer. I have done this successfully. In every case, I uninstalled the program first; then installed it and registered it on another computer. This is also possible on Windows OS with the Retail licence; not the OEM. (I know you are referring to a Mac).

    Each licence is different; depends on the EULA.
  2. When you turn on your new mac, it will ask if you want to import files/applications/settings from another mac. I never done this, but its my belief that by simply conecting both using a network cable will get the job done.

    Just in case, go to an Apple store and ask about this, they will probalby give you a demo or something
  3. "I'm mostly worried about Final Cut Express and the Adobe suite"

    Careful PPC designed programs seem to have a huge problem on intel Macs. I know for sure that Adobe CS2 will not be able to run on 10.5+. Adobe CS 5 will work with 10.6 + ...

    Hope this helps
  4. Thanks for the replies guys.
    I got everything to work fine. Reinstalled Adobe (CS4) suite, deactivated version on old comp, and activated one on my new mac. Final Cut works perfectly fine. Used code on packaging and it installed and functions as it should.
    Not reinstalling Word '04, because it's much too old for Lion, and I don't really need it (yay for!).

    Ended up not using the Migration Assistant at all, because it didn't transfer any of the things I wanted to, and it left too much out of my control.
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