AMD 2100XP overheated BIG-TIME!

I added a variable transistor to my Coolermaster HCC-001 as a result of it being a gd HS (pure copper) but the fan way a bit too loud, running sometimes excess of 7000rpm. I adjusted it to approx 5500rpm and it was much quiter :). I tested it for a around a minute in windows seemed fine....shut down teh pc. I noticed a soldier type of smell, but figured it was just the variable resistor...(i also put front panel connectors onto my GA-7VAX motherboard for soundcard and USB+USB2.0 adaption). Booted it back up...played an MP3 and it was some feedback from my flashing Neon light through the soundcard but just disabled the MIC and it stopped.
Before i cud do ANYTHING ELSE...BOOM...Computer just powers straight off...I thought to myself...WTF!!! Pressed power button and it started to load again, got to ram test and bottled out again. I knew there was something series wrong. I put my hand aroud the HSFto see if that was cool, AND IT WAS SO HOT U CUD FRY AN EGG ON IT! It burned my hand...Luckily i enabled the thermal diode auto shut down in teh bios days before...But it musta got above 115*C before that kicks in and shuts it down...I dont understand y it wud get that high from playing an MP3...The chip wasn't fried, but i hadda wait for about 10min to take the HSF off as it was that hot and still hot 20min l8r!! It seems fine now but does any1 have a clue wtf happened? Im running;
Athlon 2100XP A
GeForce 3 Ti 500
80Gig Barracuda 7200RPM
400watt Q-TEC PSU
4Intake fans, 3 Exhaust (just as a point that the comp shouldn't have overheated and at the time the side was off too!!)....

Any comments and/or help r very welcome :) thx

Overclocking isn't Illegal!
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  1. The AXP 2100+ was the last and the hottest of its kind (assuming its a Palomino). You would probably be wise to put up with the noise and run your HS-fan at its highest speed possible at all times! Also the number of case fans you have installed would be very noisy. If you don't want the extra noise are you prepared to trade aesthetics for cooling by leaving the side cover off your PC and getting rid of them.
  2. Actually leaving the side cover off may do more harm than good. It can put a lot of dead air in the case & make it worse. The other problem is the dust collecting on the fans with the side cover off. Lost a vid card that way. Thought it looked cool seeing the MOBO & all.

    No I leave that cover on now, get the wires out of the way with chicken bands, & add fans to promote good air flow. My $.02 anyway.

    I'm still learning & having fun doing it!!!!!!
  3. Interesting you should say this I have notice that my pc needs pulling apart every 6mnths or so and cleaning. I leave the sides off mine as I preferred to keep it quieter rather than use case fans. When I first built it I did use case fans but the noise gave me the shits and tried just leaving the sides off instead this definitely worked just as well as using the case fans. It may be the heatsink/fan combo I'm using that has worked well for me (Tornado 7). It has a tall and wide heatsink plus a large fan on top (basically the same as a standard case fan) that draws air through the heatsink from below and blows it straight out into the room. The ones that blow the air the opposite way (directly down through the heatsink) might not have worked as well for me in this scenario however. Im running an AXP 1600+ in a Epox 8kha+ Mboard.
  4. thing is i have a fully modded case and on teh window is a modded fan blowing out into the room (right above teh cpu) and behind the cpu there r another 2 fans blowing everything directly out from well as my HDD+RAM being cooled by a 4 fan rack (in-built) blowing air from front-bottom of case which rises up to CPU etc...The system fans r very quiet and efficient...The PSU is Dual fan which also pulls air away from the surroundings of the HSF...also temp controlled so v quiet :)
    I was thinking of making the fan rigth above the HSF on the window sucking in, but it has no filter it wud prob get some dust in der but i know it wud make alot of diff directly onto the HSF

    Overclocking isn't Illegal!
  5. Hmmm it might be a good idea to save up and get an AXP Thoroughbred as they run alot cooler and overclock better than the Palominos. What is your core voltage set at in bios the palomino should be set at 1.75volts and Thoroughbreds 1.65volts (if not overclocked) higher than these settings will spell more heat!
  6. How I solved my problem? I'm not by any means want to detract from what your running at all. But if you you want a real quit rig, & I mean quiet. Get either a Antec True Power PSU or a Antec 1080AMG case. The True Power PSU has what's called a Smart Fan system. It has a fan in the PSU that pulls air up off the processor laying flat in the plane of the CPU. Then it has the normal fan that blows out the back of the case. In-between it has a sensor to sense the heat in the case. It also has 2 dedicated Fan Only connectors off the PSU. So all of your case fans are controlled by the heat in the case. The fans only spin at the RPM's needed to keep the case cool.

    I have one of those cases now that I'm running. I have a 80mm fan in the front cooling the HDD bay to keep my HDD nice & cool. It also has 2 - 80mm fans on the rear of the case & a 80 mm fan in the side door blowing on the PCI cards in the PCI slots, of which I only run a vid card because everything else is onboard. It has one extra fan mount low on the front that I can add another 80mm fan there if needed. Plus I also have the normal fans on the CPU & vid card. I can't even hear this thing running under my desk. I'm running A7V8X deluxe with a TI4600 & the XP2400 in it. My temps are 35c idle & 39c under load. I've never heard the fans kick up to the next level & I run this thing 24/7. My old case sounded like a helicopter in the same place. It also has a filter in the front of the case. You take it out & rinse it off, hence a cleaner case altogether. Another thing is it's 430w. Best case & PSU I've ever ran.

    Don't know how it is for OCing, but I believe it would be great as well. I personally don't OC because I don't see a need to. One of these days I just may push this 2 gig to 2.3 or 2.4 just to see. But that's definitely for another day. I don't need it now.

    The PSU has the same feature, but for the cost of it, the case is almost free in my opinion. You can see it <A HREF="" target="_new">Here</A>

    Something to think about if your going to build soon.

    I'm still learning & having fun doing it!!!!!!
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