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i want to get a projector and use it as my actual tv, but i dont know how to convert my cable into av or hdmi which is needed for projectors. I was looking for different convertes and i found this one but idk if it will work can someone plz take a look at it and give me an answer

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  1. The converter you linked takes some different inputs and gives only one (coax) output. While it may work in reverse, I think you want to go the other way with a box that accepts a single (or multiple) inputs and gives you your choice of outputs; those that match the inputs on the projector you're looking at getting.

    Assuming that you do not have a cable/satellite set top box, I think what you want is something like this:

    This accepts a coax cable input (antenna) and converts it to a composite video output as well as left/right stereo audio.

    What we really need to know is what your video source is and what your video source outputs are as well as what projector you're looking at and what video inputs it has.

    You also need to understand that just because you have a larger image displayed does not mean a larger screen resolution. Standard definition TV may look fine on a 25" standard definition TV, but will start to look blocky and distorted on much larger screens.

    -Wolf sends
  2. LCD projectors are pretty much junk, they have poor brightness and noisy operation, short bulb life.
    Most people who want a projector would be better off mounting a flat screen on the wall. Much better picture quality and lower maintenance.
  3. A good quality 3LCD projector such as an Epson Procinema will give an excellent result. Any HD cable box will have HDMI outputs. If you need multiple inputs you can buy an HDMI switcher. You will need a way of producing sound as the most projectors do not have speakers.
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