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I'm kinda new here so whatever, I've scanned other posts here for a similar problem but I thought I'd post my own problem and see if someone can help me out.
Comp Spec:
XP 2100+ (cooled by Volcano 7+)
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP
1 GB Corsair XMS PC2700 RAM
Radeon 9700 Pro 128
365w power supply
SB Audigy
Plextor CDRW, and Kenwood CDROM
Keyboard in PS2
Intellimouse USB on mobo
Thrustmaster USB on mobo
HP printer USB on mobo exp. card/slot
XP corp.
So basically I've been having problems with XP freezing up on me and hard rebooting my system. So far it seems to be frequently happening in games or anything video card intensive. For instance playing JK2 with everything maxed out on the card and in game I can play for about 5 mins and the system will hard lock, sometimes the sound will freeze as well, and then my system will reboot. This also happened when I tried benchmarking my system with 3DMark2001SE, same thing. I don't think it's the video card though. I only put in my Radeon 9700 today about 1 hour ago. My old video card, an ATI Radeon 64 vivo started having these problems aswell they are just more frequent with my new card. Infact they only started about a month ago. At first I thought it was OS bloat but now I'm not so sure, although I have not yet reinstalled my OS.

So to recap these problems have only been happening in games so far. When they do, the computer freezes and resets and when I return Windows tells me it has just recovered from a serious error. Any help is much appreciated, Thanks! :)

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  1. Sounds like your case is getting too hot - try leaving the sdies off with an large fan blowing into the case. But to be honest it could be anything.

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  2. Of all things you have mentioned, I find it interesting that its autorebooting. What brand powersupply are you using?

    My hunch is that the PSU cant reliably supply the juice your system needs, especially with the new graphics card.

    You can use motherboard monitor, a freware utility, to check your voltages, particularly the 5v line. anything at 4.8v or below is bad.

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  3. Well I've been monitoring the +5.00 volt line and I find that when I start up it's around 4.9 to 4.95. When I start to play a game however it drops drastically, sometimes 4.80 other times 4.83 and averages at around 4.85.

    Is this the only line I should be really paying attention to? The -12.00 line sometimes peaks as high as -5.27 and averages -9.5, but I'm not sure how critical this line is.

    What I've been thinking of trying is to get my old PSU and use it to power the video card only (well I guess another mobo aswell or it won't post) and see if this makes a difference at all.

    I can't really justify spending 150 bucks on a good enermax if its not going to help (student here) so I need to be sure. Thanks for the help so far.

    Oh and answer to what brand of power supply. Not sure really, it came with my case. :(
  4. hmmm
    thats a significant drop, so yes, i would say that your PSU is definately struggling with your system.

    You can run dual PSU's, but you have to find the information on how to get the second PSU running without it being connected to a motherboard... there are wires you can cross in the PSU mobo plug to get it up and running.
    so have the main PSU powering the board, and the second powering your drives & GPU.

    P.S. Enermax are pricey... see if you can find yourself a antec or toptower then.

    P.P.S. What is it about powersupplies? *rhetorical question*
    People buy good quality components for everything else, yet balk at the prospect of getting a good PSU.
    A good PSU is the CORNERSTONE of a stable system. Bad PSU's not only cauze big stability headaches, but in some instances can damage/destroy other components.

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  5. i had a multi psu array once, i couldnt afford a good atx and i had like 5 300w AT PSU so off came the sides and on went the switch.... kinda scared me when i shut down and all the drives shut down.. the psu gave off a HIGH pitch squeal.. nonetheless worked like a charm
  6. I know all about the problem you are having. I Had The EXACT problem with almost the exact set up. All the advice that has been given to you so far is good stuff but I think your problem is wht the settings in your bios dealing with your RAM. I know you guys might think Im crazy but trust me. With my problem I was on the phone with Gigabyte for 10 min and my problem was resolved. If you are still having this problem reply to this and I will give you my settings. Im at work now so I cant help at the moment. Take care.

    Hang in there. It can only get better!
  7. heh, I don't think you're crazy at all. One of the first things I thought was that I had bad RAM, but after repeated successfull memTESTs I thought that the RAM was fine.

    I have sorta come to the conclusion that its a heat issue. I recently re-applied some artic silver to my CPU and TT volcano 7+, and I bought a crystal orb for my Radeon 9700. Since then things have been much more stable, almost totally stable if I leave the case open. However when the case is closed the CPU core heats up to 57C and the System gets to about 45C, which makes no sense, with the case closed it should create a vacuum somewhat, and with the fans that I have this shouldn't be an issue. I don't have reboots very often anymore, but games will suddenly terminate and I'll be sitting at the desktop. It's really weird.

    Oh and yeah could you post the settings you changed in your motherboard mrwhipper or send them to me at Thanks very much for the help.
  8. Hi peeps,

    I've also got this problem and have not been able to solve it! Can't be heat for me cause duruing Windows PC runs at about 32 'C and during gameplay at 40 - 41. I've got 5 fans (which i've also disconnected for more power at some time) in this Termaltake case and it runs with the Termaltake 420 Watt PSU. I don't think the power that the Radeon 9700 Pro needs is that bad cause my friend was able to run my card on this system with a 300 Watt PSU and he's got 4 IDE drives, fans and AMD Athlon.

    My system is as follows:

    Thermaltake A5000a Case with Thermaltake 420Watt power check @
    Gigabyte Ga-8SG667 Motherboard
    Intel P4 2.4b GHz, 533 Bus
    512 MB DDR333 Ram
    Western Digital WD1200JB, 120GB Hd with 8Mb Cache
    Gigabyte Maya II Radeon 9700 Pro
    Creative Audigy Sound Card
    Creative Inspire 5300 5.1 Speakers
    AOpen 48x12x50 CD-RW
    AOpen 16X DVD
    Genius KB18m Keyboard
    Logitech Dual Optical Mouseman
    LG Flatron 19" Monitor
    3Com USR 56K Mesasage Modem

    Hope you guys can help. Give me some Bios settings also if that will help. Maybe it's the ram? Private msg me if you want.


  9. Hey bro - Some news - it seems I am able to enjoy my system now.

    I suggest that anyone having problems go into their BIOS and set the CPU Clock, RAM and AGP settings to Manual and use the correct settings for the componants they have, like for me it was:

    Manual Settings:

    CPU Clock: 133
    RAM: 333
    AGP: 66

    I was now able to play a whole round of Tiger Woods PGA 2002 instead of just 1 shot! Big differenct. Dungeon Siege also worked without problems for some time, where it used to last about 30 secs.
    I'll continue to test if further and keep anyone updated if something comes up.

    Thanks for the help

  10. lowbite, I dont think your problem is all heat related. Your temps are not that bad. When I gwet home from work tonight I reply to this fourm again with the Bios settings you need to have for the 7VRXP board to make it run stable. Take care.

    Hang in there. It can only get better!
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