How many watts does a computer base unit use

Please can you help me I would like to the my electricty consumption in Watts for the following items:-
Desk Top computer
Base unit
Screen 14"
Scree 17"
Two phones charged up and in use for 7dys a week ongoing.
my computer etc is a Deak Top Acerx3200
Thanks for you help
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  1. Here are the specs for this computer:

    The power supply is 220 Watts. Computers do not run at full rated watts. So allow a max of about 180 watts for the computer. The monitor (LCD/LED) are normally around 50 watts for the 17" screen; maybe even less. The keyboard and mouse power is included in the computer power.

    The answering machine plus the 2 phones would be about 25 watts total.

    This entire system as described would consume around 250 watts at peak; a lot less at idle (but ON).
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