Which one and why?

Asus A7N8X DELUXE or A7V8X LAN/1394...I have reviewed both and dwnld both manuals...Both MOBO have + and -..Any thoughts?
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  1. i have a thought... but it revolves around getting more tequila.

    maybe if you told us the +'s and -'s so we dont have to go hunting around for the data.

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  2. I would go with the A7N8X. Why? Because I have came to the conclusion that VIA = <font color=red>the devil</font color=red>. :lol:

    But that could just be only my train of thought... :wink:

    <font color=red> Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question... just stupid people. </font color=red> :wink:
  3. What made you narrow it down to just those choices? If you only buy ASUS motherboards, that is fine, but if not, I think that there are better value boards out there. ASUS generally provides quality boards, but they also generally have higher prices than many others... and no, I don't recommend ECS.

    I would recommend an nForce2 chipset without integrated graphics and the better southbridge controller. VIA KT400 is slower, doesn't have as good of built in sound, and I have just had better experience with non VIA chipsets.

    Like what was said before, What do you think what the +'s and -'s are?

    Both will work and your computer will run just fine. Just pick either one and you will be happy.
  4. Nforce 2 is the best chipset for socket a processors as of now. I would also consider another brand besides asus. They make good boards, but there are better boards with a lower price tag out there. The Epox nforce 2 is pretty good.
  5. I have the A7V8X and I love it! The on-board sound and LAN is very good. It´s also very stable, made my PC2100 (CAS 2,5 by SPD) run completely stable at CAS 2,0 timings: 2-2-2-6. Even on a FSB of 160MHz (320 DDR)!!! On my old board (an ECS K7S6A), the most it would do was 145MHz at CAS 2,5.
  6. How many sticks of ram?

    Dichromatic for your viewing plesure...
  7. Two sticks...PC 2700 DDR333
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