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I am looking for a laptop that supports hardware virtualization so I can run Windows 7 and Ubuntu linux on it at the same time. The idea is to use this laptop with an external keyboard, mouse and monitor at the office, but have it be powerful enough to be a fully functional development platform while on the road.

Answers to the standard questions:

1. Budget is up to $2500
2. Screen size of 13" to 14". At least 4GB memory, 8GB would be better.
3. Resolution of 1024x768, or 1366x768 (widescreen) or better, plus be able to drive an external display at 1280x1024 or better.
4. Needs to be very portable (light weight)
5. Battery life of at least 4 hours
6. Don't need games
7. Primary tasks include software development, running Oracle/mysql and glassfish in the background, standard MS Office applications
8. Storage: 250GB and up
9. No specific purchasing sites in mind
10. Laptop should be good for at least 2 years
11. Optical should be DVD reader, or better. Writer is nice, but optional
12. Any brand is acceptable.
13. USA based
14. HDMI output would be nice, to watch movies on the plasma tv. It must have a "programmer-worthy" keyboard. It must have a full size Escape key, no exceptions (yes, I'm a slave to Vim).
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  1. Maybe I'm not being realistic with the budget. Assume there's no budget limit, where can I find a laptop that meets my requirements?
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