WIFI connection problem sony PCG-631m

I have recently installed a Belkin wireless router which is connected to my cable modem. I subsequently installed a USB wireless receiver on my desktop pc (running XP SP2) and it had no problem connecting to the router and accessing the internet.

I also have a Vaio PCG 631M laptop with built in WiFi (also running XP SP2) and although it can see the router it refuses to connect to it, offering no explanation as to why.

I should point out that there is no security of any kind set up on the router as yet. No encryption and no Mac address filtering. I intend to set this up later once I know that everything is working as it should.

Curiously there is also another unprotected wireless network somewhere in the vicinity and the Vaio can see this and will connect to it without any difficulty whatsoever despite it having a weaker signal than my own set up. I think I can therefore rule out any malfunction in the wireless card.

So why will it not connect? I click connect, it goes through the motions but remains disconnected. If I give it half a chance to connect to the other network it does so immediately.

I have tried it with the windows firewall off and on, this makes no difference. I have checked my TCP/IP settings, these are set to automatic as they are supposed to be and and are exactly the same as on the desktop machine.

Could it be some strange incompatibility between the Belkin and the Vaio systems? I would welcome any suggestions.
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  1. Could this be a B / G compatibility issue? Maybe your laptop only has a 802.11B wireless adapter and your access point is set to be G exclusively. I know that within the settings of most wireless access points you have the ability to allow B access, G access, both, or no wireless... be sure yours is set to allow both. Just a suggestion...
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