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Still happily using my Canon rebel (400D in Europe), but CD logn gone. How do I get EOS and Zoombrouser software for windows 7??
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  1. legally you can't, they only offer updaters on the website as I am sure you have found.

    They might sell you a set of disks, or you might be able to buy them on ebay but you'll not know what you are actually getting at that point, or you might find a friendly canon owner who'll send you a copy through drop box etc. afterall these programs are of no use to you unless you have a canon, and as you have a canon you should have the programs.
  2. Thank you. Good suggestions, I will follow up.
    I moved from Ireland to Baltimore, and the CD did not move with me!!
  3. If you only download the pictures from camera, you need to change the setting of the camera communicates with the computer. It's reall easy:
    1) On the camera, push the "MENU" button
    2) Toggle over to the second set of tools (the last one on the right)
    3) Toggle down to "communication" and change it from "normal" to "PTP"

    You can download the ZoomBrowser from canon website
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