Can I restore a two drive system image onto one drive

My c: is 128 GB and darn near full. I have Win7 and most used programs on it. My b: (179 GB of 500) has my libraries and less used programs. I have a single windows image backup of both B & C on an external drive.

For example if I purchase a 500 GB hard drive can I restore that image to the new drive?

Will it partition the C from the B on the new drive or just show it as seperate folders?

Does the new drive have to be greater than the sum of the allocated/unallocated space on both drives even though the image is less than 500GB?
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  1. Why not use EaseUs Partition Master to reduce the size of B and expand C into the unallocated space? Then if you need more space just add another drive... make B about 250Gb and C will be more comfortable at the same...
    Always backup before you play with Partitions, never failed me yet, but just in case...
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