Faster than my K6 500 mhz...

I just want to know the opinion from some computer knowledgable people. I recently ordered the following:

Asus A7V8X board
Athlon XP 2000+
256 PC2700 ram
Seagate 7200 40gb HD
Radeon 9500 Pro graphics
350w psu

would these components make for a decent computer as to im running outdated stuff right now (K6 500mhz; nvidia 16mb graphics)? I plan on running XP for OS and the computer will be mainly an internet based computer with some multimedia and gaming once in awhile. Any opinions?
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  1. Like Night and Day my friend. My Dad is running almost the same as your old computer (K6 400, 16MB graphics, 98se) now and I'm close to your new computer (XP 1800+, BBA 8500, XP Pro). I HATE using his computer now, and it's not foreign, I've used slow computers running 98se alot more than I have XP. Once you get used to all the little things XP has to offer it is the best OS IMO. I have mine looking like 98se and it is fast. No more than 40sec. for general restart. Sometimes less than 30. I play the latest games with all the eye candy on at 1024*768*16 with no less than 30fps and sometimes almost 100. If ya want comparison Wintune benchmarks let me know I have many of both computer (OCed and not).

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  2. Get a nForce2 mobo. ASUS A7N8X (Deluxe or non Deluxe) is recommended. For RAM, I would get Kingston. Segate's 40 GB 7200 rpm is not a good performer compared to Maxtor D740X series HDD. They are the best 7200 rpm, 2 MB Buffer HDD. Buy it, I am using a 40 GB version of this HDD. It rocks.

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  3. he already ordered it

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
  4. Quote:
    would these components make for a decent computer

    Ohhh...bad decision. Your old K6 500Mhz system was about 5 times faster. Ouch. It's gotta hurt. And that videocard can barely play todays games. You were much better off before. And that memory? Who recommended that? You should have got some EDO memory. WinXP? Win95 is the best OS ever. Either that, or install DOS. Or MacOS 7

    Seriously, why did you bother asking this?

    I plan on running XP for OS and the computer will be mainly an internet based computer with some multimedia and gaming once in awhile.

    You went overkill.

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  5. <b>Win95 is the best OS ever</b>...No way! Win 3.0 on DOS 5 surely! No wait, DOS 3.3.

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  6. Dos was awesome. Typing in dos commands always made me feel like a badass, especially when non-computer people were around watching in awe.

    And I went from a K6-2 500 to an athlon 1.1 ghz, a hell of a jump. Before the k6, I had a pentium 133, a 486 100, and my first was a beast of a 386 33 mhz. Qbasic never looked so horrible

    It's all good ^_^
  7. Mr also went from a K6-2 450 MHz to an Duron 1 GHz. There was huge performance boost

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  8. Let's see... my K6-2 450 with 256MB ram and an 8mb Matrox G200 runs Dungeon Siege like crap, and the lag in Command and Conquer Renegade is bad in games with lots of infantry and vehicles on screen. It also lags too much for sniping and runs like 2 frames pers second when flame tanks are on screen. Descent 3 runs about 30 frames per second, tops, at 640X480.

    My dad's Athlon 1200 (256 DDR, 64MB Geforce 2 Pro) runs Renegade well in all situations unless the server is laggy, runs Dungeon Siege great except when lots of spell effects are onscreen. Plus both games look better, since I can run them on the highest setting instead of the lowest (although I usually limit resolution to 800X600). Descent 3 runs about 60 frames per second at 1600X1200. Only No One Lives Forever 2 has serious slowdown, and then only with many enemies on screen at medium detail. The other computer couldn't even run No One Lives Forever 1 at a reasonable speed (takes like two seconds to respond to fire key).

    Since your new rig will be faster than my dad's, I say you're set.
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