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So i'm stuck on buying my first home theater system don't know a lot about this stuff; I have my cable box, xbox 360, and computer with a sound card that supports up to 7.1 optical audio that I plan on using with this. Currently they are hooked up to a 48 inch Samsung LCD TV I have and have been using the built in speakers which are terrible. It will be going into a medium sized bedroom so i won't be installing these in a living room but want something that will last me awhile.

I've narrowed it down to these two on dells website:

Yamaha YHT-791BL 7.1 Home Theater in a box system


Sony BDVE300 Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System which is $200 off right now


The Sony seems like a really good deal and comes with the blue ray player; however would it be worth it to get the Yamaha and just buy the blue ray player separate?
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  1. The Yamahas are much better. You are probably better off getting a PS3 as a blu ray player as it gets constant updates to meet updating hdmi specs and it can do LPCM in addition to bitstreaming. Besides, the ps3 exclusives are coming in an avalanche now, plus it doesn't sound like a tornado like the 360 :P
  2. By the way, at your price range I would look at the Onkyo HT-S7200. The receiver has more power and the speakers are slightly higher quality.

    Alternatively if you don't want floorstanding speakers you can look at the HT-S6200.
  3. The main focus is for the sound for my PC gaming and watching movies on. My work has a deal through dell so I'm kind of limited to what they have on their site unfortunatley =/
  4. Sorry >.< Links weren't working; updating with working ones
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