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I am putting together a new system, the buget is subjective to tax refund but somewhere in the range of 800-1500 w/o monitor of course. I'm probably more of an Intel fan but my friend suggests AMD for cost reasons, he's kind of a tight a$@. Ive got a pair of WD800JB and an AIW 8500DV that will probably come over from old system and an Audigy 2 as well but I'm not against the idea of onboard sound as long as it will do 5.1 suround w/my stereo system. I am doing an entertainment and surf system. I don't game but might someday. I will probably buy the best mem I can get but need feedback for motherboard/processor combo's.
Thanks for sharing your BRAINWAVES and EXPERIENCE.....
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  1. The fastest settup you can get THIS MINUTE would be an i850E board such as the Gigabyte GA-8SG667 or the faster Asus P4T533, and RDRAM. The P4T533 uses RIMM4200, which doesn't require pairs like the more common PC1066 of the same speed. Anyway, one of those boards with the appropriate RAM, and a P5 3.06, is as fast as you can get.

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  2. Get soem good lan and better than audigy sound and fast mb in general..
    ASUS A7N8X Deluxe
    and AMD Athlon XP 2400+ Retail
    2x 256MB PC-3200 DDR Ram

    your set....

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  3. Get a NForce 2 MOBO. Proberly an Epox 8RDA+

    An Athlon 2400+ or 2600+ Retail (The 2400+ will outperform the P4 2.5gig BTW according to Toms charts)

    And some Corsair RAM. Proberly some XMS 3200.

    You will now have a kickass system.

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  4. I guess that you move a lot with your comp as entertainer... if so then i would take intel for their thermal protection, and if you don't move a lot your comp then AMD would do it, it's just a matter of what you do... AMD is as good as Intel, just the thermal protection of intel makes a little difference, but that's only important if you move a lot with your comp (like i have to do) On the other edge when you go quitely high end, then it gets a bit more complicated i don't know if it's also like that in your country, but here in Belgium the AXP's starting at 2600 are generally more expensive then their intel equals, on the other way the AXP's lower then 2400 are cheaper then their intel equals. So like my case, the intel became as expensive as the AXP that by having the RDRAM included (but in the same time AMD turned into the favour again at 2400 MHZ, and is now the cheaper combo. So it all depends,the prices became quite weird the last few months...

    Besides that i would say that differences aren't that noticeable nowadays so it all depends of what you want to have... It's said that AMD "Might" have some little bugs, but i think it's all a matter of which components are combined: you can surely have a crappy AMD-system, but this counts also for Intel systems! To inform is always the best way to make choices. Look at different reviews of the products you are interested in and it will go fine...

    good luck

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