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Problem: When I play a sound file form Windows Media Player or You tube with my headphones plugged into the front audio output I get no sound in my headphones and sound out of my monitor.

I want the sound to come out of my headphones if they are plugged in and no sound from the monitor.

I have connected my front audio HD sound to my Gigabyte motherboard. It is a chasis not individual wires so it is connected correctly. There is only one way to put it on.

I have my headphones plugged in the front audio port.

When I go into the sound control panel I press the play button to test if my headphones are receiving sound. They are.

But when i play a sound from any other file no sound comes out of my headphones and the sound comes out the monitor.

This is the mobo I am using:
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  1. Figured out the issue through another post:

    "Right click on the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen, then click "Playback Devices" then right click again on your headphone icon and select "Set as Default Device" change to speakers later when you want them or unplug your headphones. It works for me :0 )"

    Its a Windows 7 issue.
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