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Can you help me on the serial number of Alienware M17x? How should it be (an example please) like this = S0F98D4 ? cause i bought from someoane from the net ( ebay :) )and i don't think is original , cause the HDD has only 640 gb and 6 Gb ram . IS this a trick ? I was cheating by the seller ? I buy at $ 1897 . :cry:
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  1. Not sure on the serial number thing, but if you check Dell's website, you can see if the specs are similar to the laptop you bought. 640GB HDD and 6GB of RAM seem pretty on for an Alienware.
  2. GPU and CPU info? Screen size?
    AFIK the M17 comes with dual GTX260's/280's and a full HD screen, and a 1 GHZ Ci7 M.
    And 640 gigs is pretty much top end for an Alienware lappy. A friend of a friend has an old Area 51 with a 2.4 C2D, dual 7900's and a 500GB hdd.
  3. I have Intel® CoreTM2 Quad Q9000 2000 MHz , fsb1066 MHz, Cache 6144 KB and about the GPU it say that i have 2 x GTX 280M GeForce nVidia 2 x 1024 MB . Screen size is UXGA 1920 x 1200 17 inch . It is a truelly Alienware M17x ? on other site's i saw that the cpu have Q9300 and cost more than I've spent ( $1897 ) , it's somewhere around $3500 - 4000.
    So maybe i made a very good deal on ebay or this is " a little fake lappy" , but to be onest "it's moving" very well .
  4. RAMSES_XTC is a "smart guy". It's about a contest in Romania where an e-magazine ask for 8 digits from serial number in order to claim the prize.

    Ramses you're a jerk!
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