Video Drivers FAIL!

Why is it that every time I install a video driver, I cant see Youtube videos?

I just get a green screen where the video should be! But I can still here it. I get the latest ones from the AMD website. Ive even downloaded older ones and still the same thing :3

My computer is a HP p6774y and the video is a 4200 IGPU.
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  1. Is it just YouTube?
  2. Yes.
  3. I've had something similar with my HP 8710p would show green "checkerboard" patterns over the area where the Flash video was playing. This happened on YouTube, Netflix...any Flash at all. And it would only happen when I had the NVidia driver set to "DualView".

    Anyway, if updating a driver causes a problem, the rule of thumb is simply to stop updating drivers unless you really need to! Not all new driver releases will enhance performance in all system environments. Have you tried rolling back the driver through the Device Manager?
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