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I am looking for something to use for mostly fps, currently am just using a wireless keyboard which i know, is bad. Don't need a full keyboard since I already have the wireless for usage outside of gaming, but wouldn't be opposed to another one either.

What I want is first and foremost something comfortable that contours to the hand. I want something well made with nice action on the buttons. I want something with well placed buttons with a minimalistic number of buttons. dont want to worry about my fingers getting lost or the buttons being too small and cramped together to be comfortable.

What I dont need is something expensive with tons of buttons and and anything to do with macros.

I like the look and feel of the N52te, I went to best buy and it was pretty comfortable. i like the larger buttons, and the placement and spacing of them. it is a little expensive, and I am a little hesitant to buy it though with how many bad reviews it has. Most of the reviews seem to be complaining about the bad software and difficulty with macros, but that doesn't really apply to me.

I am looking for some outside opinion on whether it fits the bill of what i have described, or if anyone has any other recommendations. I have also looked at the logitech g13 (buttons too clustered, too expensive), the Saitech command pad (looks uncomfortable) and the Cyber Snipa Game Pad V2 (looks kind of cheap, and slightly uncomfortable too).

so any help would be appreciated
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  1. I use an n52te, having totally worn out an n52...
    In FPS games, I find the thing indespensible...For example, I play PlanetSide...and with a regular keyboard, you have to remove your fingers from the movement keys to change weapons or heal or select special abilities or whatever...But the n52 and the n52te allow you to program all these functions into an array of keys that allow you to access them while keeping your fingers on the primary movement keys..This time savings and the fact that you maintain control while performing them is almost unfair to those that use a regular keyboard to play....
    In order to fully utilize the significant advantages afforded by the device, you DO have to program custom templates for each game, but the programming software is simple and intuitive and presents no real problems...and the device can load the proper template for each game automatically..A very nice feature.
    All in all, I highly recommend any of the n52 series to any serious FPS gamer....The efficiency and accuracy they provide has to be experienced to be appreciated.
  2. First off I am not a FPSer so take what I have to say with a grain of salt.

    I love my N52te and use it mostly for MMO's. The software is a bit of a pain when it comes to macros, but I don't really do much with them. From your post it doesn't sound like you will either so do not worry about the software. You can remap the gamepad to be any key you want and in terms of that, the software handles extremely well.

    Luckily the n52 was on sale so price was not as much a factor. The pad is VERY comfortable and in the past month or so I have had it, made my overall gaming experience that much better. A few friends who also own n52s love it for their FPS games, so I think you will enjoy it.
  3. Do you guys still have the original drivers and editor that came with the cd? i recently reformatted my pc and i cant find the cd anymore . the Belkin and Razer website seem to be useless for this model of N52TE now. i tried downloading every driver and editor they had and still nothing.
    if someone could burn or compress/zip the files it would be uber appreciated <------------0-o Plz Hlp:)
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