Can't Install windows 7 64 Bit on new build Help IMMEDIATELY!!!

Ok here is my specs.
Asrock 970 EXTREM3
2x4GB crucial ballistix sport DDR3
Seagate 1tb
Rosewill 600W
AMD Phenom II x4 3.4GHZ AM3 BE
Lite-on dvd Burner

Now here is my problem when I try to install windows 7 64bit and it gets to expanding files it goes nowhere and freezes. Now i've looked all over and tried all different types of troubleshooting. I have tried installing it from a usb and i even burned it to a dvd at a slower speed and same problem. I have tried a lot of different bios settings and even removed one stick of ram to where i only had 4gb in and nothing. now the farthest it went was 10 percent and froze. left it sit for hours and nothing. even tried ejecting the disk during installation and putting it back in. still froze. now i know everything is compatible with each other but i'm thinking it might be the ram but can't be sure if the ram is supported for this mobo could that be the problem? i have new ram on the way cause i'm going to try with less ram but was wondering if there is anything else i can try. even had a different mobo before this one with the same ram and it is compatible with that mobo and did the same exact thing. could it be my processor? could i be overlooking a simple setting in my bios? i've been at this for two weeks now. it's driving me crazy. :(
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  1. Could the ISO you're burning from be corrupt?
    And it's not unknown for HDDs to ship with bad sectors... I just RMA'd a Seagate for that reason...
  2. No cause I've tried to install from my authentic copy of windows too. And I don't think its the hard drive cause before this one I tried with a brand new western digital and got the same result. That's why I bought the Seagate cause I thought the western digital was bad.
  3. Bad installation media or bad HDD... with bad HDD have you tried different SATA ports, cables, etc..... a stretch I know but you need to rule out anything
  4. GPU the only common factor apart from your CPU. CPUs pretty hardy components, so can you try another GPU?
  5. Not a bad hdd or bad gpu tried different ones same problem.
  6. Could it be my ram?
  7. hed1ed0f said:
    Could it be my ram?

    could be, but it sounds like a bad drive or media to me, too. Try running memtest with one ram stick at a time and see what you get
  8. Make sure you set your Storage Mode from AHCI to IDE in your BIOS before you try to install your OS
  9. ^+1 or install chipset hdd drivers, regardless of whether the HDD is visible or not.
  10. Did you check your RAM against the supported list?
  11. If you have not tried it load optimized defaults in bios and manually set the ram timings and voltage in the bios.
    I have had exactly your symptoms and it has turned out to be a finicky ram setup in bios or a defective ram stick.
    Also, your storage mode SHOULD be set to AHCI and NOT IDE.
  12. I tried the ide. And can't find the hdd drivers. Haven't did a memtest. And no my ram is not on the the support list but I did try everything I have on a different mobo that supported my ram and got the same problem.
  13. Thanks everybody. Tried it all. Ended up not being any of them settings or hardware. It ended up being a stupid setting in my bios that i over looked call quiet and cool. it's a setting for energy saving that made my processor unstable. Once i shut it off windows installed immediately. So again thanks everybody.
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