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This may be a unique problem: My mother-in-law is Japanese so we have Direct TV satellite so she can watch programs from Japan. My wife also wants to use a digital converter from Comcast so her mother can also watch shows from the cable service provider. I've tried multiple configurations, but I cannot get the 2 systems to work together so we can swithc from satellite to cable and vice versa. Any suggestions?
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  1. Not sure what you mean by multiple configurations but your TV would need to AV input for each box would connect that way; you would select that input for that source. If the TV is old and only has an antenna input then you would need an A-B RF antenna switch(select channel 3 or 4 to if you use antenna inputs). Feed the RF out from the sat and cable boxes to it and from it to the TV. If the TV has only one AV input then you can connect one to that and the other to the antenna input
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