8 seconds then stops!

So I put together my new system last night. Asus A7N8X board with a Athlon 2700 chip, Swiftech MCX462 heat sink with a Thermaltake Smartfan 2, two sticks of PC2700 Corsaire 512 (1 Gig total), Seagate 80Gig, ATI Radeon 9700Pro, Audigy 2, USR v92 56K, DVD, CD/RW, floppy. I used a Antec True 380 PS.

After everything was together I rechecked everything and plugged it in. Green light I board so I know I have power. Powered it on and it came alive for an entire 8 seconds. Then powered off. I tried it again. 8 seconds exactly then off again.

I have checked everything and am frantic! Any ideas?

CPU cooler seems to be secure against the chip. Used Artic Thermal. Tried pulling different case fans off to see if could be a power issue, no success. Checked and smartfan is blowing in.

Memory is in Dimm 1 and 3 Although I hear some are using Dimms 2 and 3 on this board. Possible?

Rechecked leads from case. Have Power Led, Speaker (internal and have never heard it beep), Reset PW, HDD Led. Seem to have all on correct.

Please help!
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  1. Posting the same thread on different boards is a waste of bandwidth.

    I'm still learning & having fun doing it!! Trouble comes with the things you forget or overlook along the way that make it not so fun!!
  2. Take system down to bare minimum, that is MOBO, vid card, ram & CPU. See if that works. If it does add 1 component back at a time. Then you'll know what is causing the problem & go from there.

    I'm still learning & having fun doing it!! Trouble comes with the things you forget or overlook along the way that make it not so fun!!
  3. Put ur ram in BOTH blue slots..........
    AFter that make 100% sure u have the CPU Fan monitor lead plugged into the correct spot on the MB....power her back on.....ta da....

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  4. Both blue eh? Um. Yeah. Sure. Thats...what...I did. (making mental note to swap this when I get home and not let on that I didn't in the first place).
  5. When I built one of my recent systems...I had the fan on the processor turn on for about the same amount of time and then nothing....I too, had this scenario each time I tried to boot up.........turned out my psu was dead...used a different psu and it booted right up! Hope this helps!

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  6. I was on that trail too.
  7. I think your problem is the fatc u have 1 ram astick in the black dimm slto and 1 in one of the blue dim slots.....the reason why theres 1 black and 2 blues is for this...

    1 black is for single memory usage...lierk if u only have 1 stick of ram for single channel memory mode....

    if u have 2 sticks fo ram ur supposed to put both into the blue slots for Dual channel memory mode...its faster....better performance..and i dotnt hink u can run with 1 stick in a blue and 1 in the black....and if it did run like that I dont know why ud do that as ur losign performance....that chipset has a dual memory architecture...which is why theres 2 bleu slots =)

    Check it out....see if it works...

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  8. I will defiantly try it. I might also try the stock cooler. Will that work for the 2700 chip?
  9. Well I figured it out. The Swiftech Cooler was not making good contact on the chip. Since I managed to break one bolt, I am waiting for a replacemnt spacer from swiftech. In the meantime I have the stock cooler running at 49C. Yep, Its a little toasty. But at least it runs and I didnt fry my chip.
  10. Glad to hear it worked out!
  11. Good to hear Asus C.O.P. actualyl works =)

    I hope u also switched the ram =)

    But good good......

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  12. Well if you read my thread you know I was not going at all. Now my 2700+ is cooking. Literally. I checked and it is running arounf 65C at idle and spiked up to 70-72C under load. Yipes! I have a swiftech MCX462+ but after what happened before am nervous about using it again. I have a Thermaltake Smartfan II, but when I got it, it said Thermaltake smart case fan II (with Coolmod)and had photos of it on a case instead of CPU. I figured out the sticker goes on the bottom. Use or no use?

    So what is a good HSF that uses the clips on the socket and isn't too heavy?
  13. Well do u car about Noise ????

    If you DONT i recomend the ThermalTake Volcano 7+ running at FULL speed for optimum cooling.....

    Otherwise.....well since u alerady have the swiftech honesty i recomend u use it again just MAKE SURE u install it correctly this time its nto hard really just go to there website and print out the instructions step by step and follow them exactly and ur set..........

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