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TT Volcano 7 vs. Volcano 7+...WTF???

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January 25, 2003 1:45:41 PM

Ok I've always had a TT Volcano 7 on my system....never had an issue or problem with it...but reading reviews on the 7+ and seeign some peoples me very intrigued......

Now With the Volcano 7 my CPU Idles between 29 and 30 degrees Celcious..thats an AXDA Thoroughbred 1800+ @ 2000+ defualt voltage....and full load will never see over 34 Degrees Celcious......

SO Yesterday I went to my local computer store and picked up the TT Volcano 7+ anticipating a better temperature.....the thing looks nice and is really heavy and the design looks well thought out......but..its WORSE temperature wise than the Volcano 7.......well that is Temperature Vs. noise ratio anyways.....

CPU Idling with the 7+ at low speed the chip is at 35 Celcious!! Than and Medium speed its at 33 and High its at 30....but HOLY HELL is this thing loud at high....its unbearable.....

Right now I stuck my Volcano 7 back in and shes running full load for 2 hours now at 34 order to get the same temp. id have to have the 7+ at High...and its more than 3 times louder than the 7.....

What gives???? I mena i paid $40.00 CDN for this 7+ and i cant return it now...and my $20.00 6 month old Volcano 7 is better..........why is this..???

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January 25, 2003 3:17:45 PM

I honestly have no idea, sometimes an HSF, or a CPU can yeild different temps.
Really, anything can.
The V7 also adjusts automatically, while the V7+ has manual control, and medium is already loud IIRC.

Were both using the same paste?

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January 25, 2003 5:00:46 PM

I know a CPU can yield different results yes.....but a HSF?? maybe within a degree or 2....but not like this....

The Volcano 7 adjusts speed according to ambient temp. read by its Thermal a misely 3200 rpms it cools better than the Volcano 7+ at Medium speed and is quiter......the 7+ WOULD be better overall if i left the fan at full speed and under 100% constant load but its LOUD...thsi is what doesnt make sense as the Volcano 7's heatsink is all aluminum with a copper contact plate/base and the Volcano 7+ is ALL copper.....i know the 7+ HSF is smaller the the 7....but after readign all the reviews and god...this 7+ should be cooling a lot better than its baby brother the 7.....

As for the paste.....ive tryed 3 different types on BOTH heatsinks....the worst type was the stuff that came with the Volcano 7+....its so milky/watery and its crap........3 degrees worse than AS3.....i have another white thermal compound which i always use which in my applications have yielded the same results as AS3 so i stick with this white paste I as good as AS3 from my tests....

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January 25, 2003 5:40:23 PM

I previously had a Volcano 7 and got rid of it for the 7+. and my TEmps are better not worse. I usually leave it running @ medium Fan speed and temps are fine. I also found it alot quieter than the 7 during the summer. And I prefer the manual fan control. Which I bought a PCI slot switch for it works great. The all copper base is alot better than the copper insert in the 7.
January 25, 2003 5:43:38 PM

also which motherboard do u have in your system.
is it reading temps from the XP diode, or the socket temp?
January 26, 2003 3:21:25 AM

Yes, I have a feeling the temps he reports are from the socket as well. Perhaps 34ÂșC really does come from socket. If his new motherboard does report 34 as well, then I'll be really surprised.

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January 26, 2003 3:35:31 AM

The board is an ASUS A7S333....
And it reads the temp. from the integraded Thermal Diode on the CPU....says so in my manual.....

Anyways I Verified the wierd temp. occurances i was having by popping the 7+ onto my Server which is a AXP 1600+ system running with 1.90VCore at 1.7GHz....with the Volcano 7 at full load it ran at 43 Degrees with the 7+ at LOW speed it idles at 46 degrees medium its at 43 celcious same as the 7 does.....and at high it was 39 celcious...but the noise was just i left it at LOW for now.....

My finds r that the Volcano 7 cools just as good as the 7+ does while the 7+ is at Medium speed the thign is though that its louder than the regualr Volcano HIGH speed the 7+ is definently better as i cant set the speed of the fan on the 7.....but the noise is terrible.....

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January 26, 2003 3:47:58 AM

The problem is that the Volcano 7+ is smaller. If you had an 80MM 7+, chances are it'd cool better than the V7 and at lower speeds, therefore less noise. The Volcano 9 is big but goes for Aluminum, so it should be cheaper than the V7 but with temp control at 80mm.

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January 26, 2003 4:18:15 AM

Well i cant make a Volcano 7+ 80mm.....i can make an Adapter and use a different fan but with the 7+ heatsink....

The volcano 9 is a big waste of looks ugly and performs worse then The Volcano 7 and 7+ but for $10 more than the 7 and $10 less than the 7+.....oh well....

I just wish the 7+ could be quiter.....i mean.....i just got the 7+ cuz liek my system is already pretty quite with the Volcano 7 spinning at a misely 3200 some odd RPMS but i thought the 7+ was moer efficient so i was hopign it could be even QUITER with a lower speed settign of the fan and a more efficient Heatsink itself.....turns out not to be that way......hmm......

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January 26, 2003 10:37:31 PM

I dunno, sometimes it's the design, the dynamics of the fan blades that makes the difference. And also, small fans do more high pitch than filtered Volcano 7 sound. The retail Intel P4 cooler seems to like high pitch at 2200RPM, though the P3 retail was the worst (for my uncle's P3 733 at least). Why don't you take off the V7 fan, mod it on the V7+'s HSF?
You will then use full copper with the great cooling design of the V7 fan!

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January 26, 2003 11:20:56 PM

It's the whole deal between copper/aluninum. Copper really lets the heat sink in, but it doesn't dissipate it well without a lot of airflow (hence louder fans). Aluninum however, can do cooling well even with low airflow, it has very high heat dissipation. That's why a lot of the models are hybrid aluminum and copper. But for the very best cooling, you're looking at heatsinks the Thermalright Sk and Slk series, which are large, have pure copper, and dedicated airflow. The Swiffies and Alphas have a copper base (which i'm pretty sure is welded to the pins) with aluninum pins, which works good with a high or low rpm fan. The same can be said for most aluninum/copper hybrid heatsinks.

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January 27, 2003 12:18:45 AM

Since when does aluninum have higher heat dissipation than copper?

And if aluninum has better heat dissipation why are all the best Air coolers using Copper bases?
January 27, 2003 12:25:58 AM

no, it has better dissipation with lower air flow. Copper conducts heat better. Read the lines closer before you post

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January 27, 2003 2:17:10 AM

My volcano 7+ will cool my 1800 at 35 C and usually just stays around that area. After gaming for a few hours the temp never usually changes. I try putting it on medium but the damn thing still cool/sounds that same as low. Another problem I have is why does my a7n8x say my 1800 is 1.153. How can I tell if it is running at 1.5?? Thanks.
January 27, 2003 3:27:21 AM

change your FSB from 100 to 133

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January 27, 2003 12:07:49 PM

Well dude Ambient...Case.....GPU..North Bridge they all affect the temp of the CPU....

Your 1800+ is at 1.1GHz cuz the FSB needs to be set at 133MHz..

My T-Bred 1800+ is OC'd to 2000+ defualt constant 100% load its at 34 Celcious with a Volcano 7...

I can do similar results with the Volcano 7+ but at a MUCH louder DB level from the fan..

as for u not noticing the difference in the fan from LOW - Medium....i doubt that and if its true than u must be goign deaf........

And EDEN....I think I'm gonna try that....I'll try sticking the whole fan mounting bracket from the Volcano 7 onto the 7+ HSF....the only thing than is that the 7's fan has a amient temp. i cut it off and connect the wires to complete the circuit than use the 3 speed switch from the Volcano 7+ ?? or do i just stick than fan on and thats it ?

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January 27, 2003 11:43:07 PM

Dude I really don't know, it could be worth it, though I think that if you know what the RPM is that the Volcano 7+ runs at, at a set switch level, and compare that same rotation speed to the Volcano 7's, and know the V7 is much more silent at it, then I guess the switch is much more nice since you can keep it at that noise anyday, anytime. However if it turns out to cool so well, the HS and V7 fan combo, then you can even go for lower fan speeds and enjoy an even more silent system with the very same temps as before.

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January 28, 2003 1:16:41 AM

I do have the FSB at 133MHZ. What is the multiple suppose to be?
January 28, 2003 1:52:12 AM

"I can do similar results with the Volcano 7+ but at a MUCH louder DB level from the fan..

as for u not noticing the difference in the fan from LOW - Medium....i doubt that and if its true than u must be goign deaf........"

No matter what settings I put the fan on its 6000rpms, I must have it connected wrong.
January 28, 2003 3:40:31 AM

11.5 x 133

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January 28, 2003 7:16:42 PM

In which case it would have faulted and possibly caused an overheat.

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January 28, 2003 7:27:22 PM

Dude...I have now sucessfully done the ULTIMATE of the Ultimate between the 2 HSF combo's.......

Essentially what i did was remove the FAN and Mounting bracket off from the Volcano 7's Heatsink and put them onto the Volcano 7+'s Heatsink....but it goes into more detial than that....I wish i had pictures or we could post pictures in these forums (i know i can do links i mean actually a direct pic in the post) as you might not understand what im trying to explain what i did.....

Do u know how the Volcano 7+ looks like?? on all angles?? theres the copper heatsink and on the bottom of each side there's 2 screw side of the heatsink are used by the whole fan's mounting bracket assembly.....
In the middle of the assembly, or where the Volcano 7+'s fan slides into theres 4 screw points....long screws go from the top of the fan where theres the metal fan gaurd than the fan than the screw points in the middle on all 4 corners....what i did was cut off the middle section and Upwards of the 7+'s fan mountign bracket so all there is left is the bottom half of both sides with the 4 screw holes what I did was screw on (went on perfectly too) the 70mm-80mm Fan adapter that the Volcano 7 uses to house its fan onto it's heatsink onto the Volcano 7+'s fan mounting bracket (the sides) now its good to go to put the fan on....but i had to take it a step further....

I peeled the Sticker off the center of the Volcano 7's 80mm fan and u'll see 5 wires...+12, Ground, RPM Sensor and than 2 more wires for the temp. probe....what i did was grab my solderign iron....unsolder the temp. probe from the PCB Control board for the fan...than with a piece of solder i connected the 2 point together where the 2 wires were for the temp. probe....thsi in-turn will make the fan run at 100% polarity ALL the i did that..put the sticker back over top than mounted the fan ontop of the NOW ThermalTake Volcano 7 & 7+ monster (thats what i call it seeign how its created with parts only between the 2) and plugged the 3 step switch into the power plug off the fan and TADA........

More air flow and at a LOWER rpm from a BIGGER fan AND 3 way full fan speed now at 100% load after 4 hours of running Seti@Home @ United Devices Cure for Cancer I get a FULL LOAD temp of 31 Degrees Celcious.....Board temp of 27 Degrees Celcious and the hard drive temp. is 25 Degrees Celcious.....AWESOME eh???? And Eden..this is WITHOUT those 2 mothers of huge ass fans that i CAN put on the side of my case....i dont think convential air coolign can get much better to be honest......and to those who havent been following this post..this is on an AMD Athlon XP 1800+ AXDA Thoroughbred @ Defualt voltage (1.50 VCore) Overclcoked to 2000+........

Now also my Volcano 7 heatsink was NOT wasted......The Volcano 7's heatsink is 70mm just like the Volcano 7+ and it's fan, so i mounted the 7+'s fan ontop of the Volcano 7's special tools were needed to do that...infact the ONLY special tool i needed to do this whole process were Tin Snips...which I owned already from when i did sheet metal work to the floors of my car a couple years ago.......

I Definently recomend anyone who has upgraded from a Volcano 7 to a Volcano 7+ to do the same thing as u WILL get better temperatures at a lower DB Level......

Pure Awesome.....

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January 28, 2003 9:53:40 PM

Pictures, pictures. Smeagol likes pictures.

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January 29, 2003 1:06:03 AM

You are a visionary and an enthusiast!
I am sure if you properly wrote a full article about the whole modding, with pictures, you could actually make it to the Reader How Tos articles on THG, as this is simply too nice man. Your temps alone are a work of water cooling at 300$.

Kudos, much kudos, this is the first AMD ever that I have seen running this cool.

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January 29, 2003 3:27:46 AM

Thank you Thank You.....

I Will be taking pictures with a digi. cam sometime soon AND screen captures...I dunno i think its totaly awesome....

Do u know how I could possibly get ahold of sum 1 on THG for me to post this maybe in the How To's??

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January 29, 2003 4:32:44 PM

I just opened the window about half a foot for 20 minutes in my room where my T-Bred computer is and with the Fan at medium speed and under full load running Seti and CFC aswell as typing this and playign MP3's and burning a CD my CPU temp is at 25 degrees celcious! LoL......

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January 30, 2003 2:02:15 AM

Lol, this is rather just unbelievable, wonder if you could run it fanless in the end! An AthlonXP of our days fanless, a true achievement.

Reach Omid Rahmat for the How Tos.

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January 30, 2003 3:29:56 AM

if you are looking to lower your temps you might try "lapping" the base of you heatsink. i recently purchased the TT volcano 8+ and after lapping it the temps went down a further 8 degrees below what it was at stock.

BTW lapping is polishing the base to a mirror finish

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January 30, 2003 4:12:10 AM

Thanks for the insite....i know what lapping is......ive been rather...whats the word...distant? from doing for one i dont have access to the stuff to lapp the heatsink as its behind the car thats in my garage for Winter storage so ill have to wait till the snows gone b4 i can do it.......

as far as 8 degrees below stock temp JUST from lapping..thats VERY impressive to say the least and ill definently have a go at it come spring time.....

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