USB 'E' requires formatting?

Hi Guys.
Its been over a week now since I was able to access my 'E' drive USB key.
Its all word docs on the key, and unfortunately I had not transferred them to the 'C' drive prior to getting the 'need to formatt' message.
I ran a few scans and Driver Manager hell me that I have a problem with the drives on 'Standard AHCI 1.0 [serial ATA controller].
They also want me to purchase a package from them with two years service. I simply want to open my word docs, save them, and back them up!
Has anyone got any suggestions as to where I can find a free service for rectifying the Standard AHCI 1.0?
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  1. u tried the usb on another computer
  2. Yes, even tried it on XP yesterday. The drive didn't show on the screen. I had a second USB with me and that one did.
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