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I'm not sure if I posted this in the right section, but I've been having problems with my HP HDX 16 that I bought over the summer with a p8800 centrino 2 @ 2.66 ghz. It constantly overheats especially during gaming sessions (up to 100 degrees celsius). My friend told me about the program SpeedFan and I downloaded it. However, when I run the program and click Configure, the fans tab reveals nothing. Here is a screenshot:

Thanks in advance!
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    This is normal. Notebook motherboards are proprietary - applications like speedfan are meant to be used on desktops.

    I've had much more luck with Everest for notebooks - give that a try.
  2. Alright I downloaded everest, but do you think you could guide me through how to increase my fan speed with this, if possible?
  3. Try this:
    Reapply thermal paste. Clean the dust from the ports and fans.
  4. You can't increase your fan speed with Everest, I don't think. I'm not sure.

    Do you have a single fan on your notebook, or are there two?
  5. Oh, forget the fans. . just grab a fish tank and several gallons of mineral oil and throw it all in. . .

    Speedfan and everest only let you limit the fan speed not increase the fan speed
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