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Crackling sound

Last response: in Home Audio
March 9, 2010 7:19:57 AM

Hi, I have a problem :)  (sorry for my english)
Before I wil descripe my problem I send part of another post in different forum from somebody but he has same problem as me....

For example, when running a program like ventrilo, if I hit my push to talk key I will hear a popping or crackling noise right before the Push to Talk sound initiates.
The same will happen when I release the key. Also, if I open a folder or start music I will also hear the noise right before the sound begins and most likely after the sound ends.

And my problem:
First I have to say that I tried everything to find solution.. I try different power supply, graphic card, sound card, different drivers for all components, Bios changing and nothing helps. I tried integrated audio (Realtek) and ASUS Xonar D1, nothing help. Everytime when I try open some mp3 in wmp (same in winamp) I can hear that sound wich described user above in the post. And it is not only in wmp. I flying with flight simulator and I have some addon aircrafts and one of them is using for engine sound normaln wav file 5secs long and he is repeating still if you are staying on same rpm. And everytime when that file is starting to play again (in the game and in any program in windows) I can hear the horrible very short sound... And sometimes I can hear it in other games like Arma2. That guy above described it very good and I have same problem. Even in some push to talk programs... Just before sound go from sound card it looks like card would wake up - power on - and that make that sound. And other think wich make me crazy is that I can listen theese annoying short noises in my notebook even when he is on battery only (winxp). I have windows7 64bit, but as I member I had sam eproblem before with Vista. Other good people on different forum try that wav scan and they said that there aro no problems and I should not hear anything in that file - just smooth engine sound - and yes I know that in that file are no crackling sound, because it is happening all the time with different files. Even when I pause and start song in wmp... I tried disable mic, disable integrated soun card, I think everything. Now I do not know what to do. external sound card?? PLEASE HELP!

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March 9, 2010 7:30:44 AM

...........tried headphones, 5.1, Genius home theater, some Creative and still same problem. When song is playing than everything is fine. Even when I start film I can hear that noise and then no problem. Simply before every sound wich come from my sound card. And just like I said, change sound card has no effect. And yes all enhancments in realtek and Xonar are disabled. Thank you very much for your answers, it really makes me desperate