Front panel Mic constant disconnect issue

I recently purchased a new computer and when i plug my headset microphone into the front panel it constantly disconnects and reconnects both the headset and the microphone every few seconds at first when i turned down the system volume oddly it stopped doing it. so i continued on as normal next time i started my computer it had the same issue so i turned down the system volume again this time i did nothing and the problem persisted. so i went into sound in the control panel and changed the back panel mic to 0 boost and 20 volume this stopped the problem i have no idea why. Now today when i turned on my computer again it had the same issue but this time neither of the two other fixes did anything.

If i just plug in the headphones there is no disconnect issue once i plug the mic in it starts disconnecting both.

--system specs--
Case: NZXT lexa S
Motherboard: Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
Video Card: ATI 5850
Processor: intel i7 930
Ram: 6gb tri channel Corsair XMS3
PSU: Antec Neo ECO 620C
OS: Windows 7 64 bit

As far as i can tell the drivers are up to i don't think the connection is loose since the headphones have no problems staying connected.

I'm at a loss to explain whats going on and would really appreciate some expert help thanks.

PS: Sorry if there's any errors just quickly posting this.
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  1. Having Googled every part that could cause the problem ive found out it is a known issue with the motherboard and will have to get it replaced
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