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Sorry, I posted this under sound cards, but I think this is a better place and didn't know how to move it. I have a very old Pioneer powered sub that I've had for 10+ years. It doesn't put out much anymore. I doubt if I could get a new speaker or amp or diagnose the problem. Can anyone suggest a new one to buy? I have a wireless Butkicker which is great, but the low booming would be awesome. Thanks for any suggestions. It's a small room, an office. No, I don't want to get into thousands. I have a nice Hardon that's in my TV room.The Pioneer has just wore out (I guess, doesn'tdo much). I'd only like to spend a few hundred, but it's just for gaming so I figured I could find something. I'm just not 'in the loop' anymore on what's new and good.
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  1. A few hundred? This is probably the best in that rough price range:
  2. Hsu. STF. Rythmik.
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