Zalman vs. Vantec Aeroflow

Well, I'm planning to buy a new cooler for my AMD CPU and can't decide, which cooler suits my needs best, Vantec Aeroflow or Zalman CMPS6000 Cu (with this flower-like heatsink). Which of them is quieter and performs better?
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  1. The Zalman's are all very quiet, but don't perform very well if you plan on doing any overclocking. The Vantec Aeroflow isn't too loud, and performs pretty well, but can't match the highest end coolers like the Thermalright's, Alphas, or Swiftechs

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  2. Thanks for replying. Quiet computer is my priority number one at the moment, but if Vantec performs remarkabaly better than zalman and isn't too loud, I'd better choose Vantec. Bad that THG didn't include Zalman cooler's in this test.

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