Gaming/Rendering laptop from USA; which to buy?

Hi guys..

I need a new laptop, and I got a friend in USA who's coming to visit us in 18 days. So he'll be helping me to get a laptop from USA, which would save me a lot of money.

My only problem is, which should I buy?

This was the first I thought of, but then I read that the GPU is downclocked?

ASUS G72Gx-RBBX09 - 1299$
-quad Q9000
-GTX 260M (nedklokket!! :()
-17.3" 1600x900;skuId=9568149

So I dont know which to get. maybe another with i7, 250M and no downclocking?

Anyways, I'll list what I want first, then I'll list some more laptops I've looked at.

What I want:
CPU: quad or i7, going to render also, so need the CPU power.
GPU: 250M and better, as I also want to be able to play new games in good (high) quality.
MEMORY:4GB DDR2 or more..
MONITOR: I dont want a crappy monitor of course, but I dont want to pay a lot of mony to get full HD. Sice? doesnt matter. (probably something around 15-17", 1600x??? forgot what it was)
WEIGHT: Doesn't matter.
BATTERY: Doesn't matter.
PRICE: Hopefully not more than 1300$. Can be pushed to 1500$ if it's worth it.


Some random laptops I've been looking at:

ASUS G51J-A1 - 1405$
-core i7-720
-GTX 260M
-4GB DDR3 1066Mhz
-15,6" 1920x1080

Sager NP8690 - 1700$ a bit too much i think
-core i7-720
-GTX 280M
-4GB DDR3 1333Mhz
-15,6" 1600x900

Toshiba - Qosmio - 1399$
-core i7-720
-GTS 250M
-18,4" 1680x945;skuId=9575532

ASUS G60VX-RBBX05 - 945$
-core 2 duo P7450
-GTX 260M
-16" 1366x768;skuId=9556072


I'm looking for better deals, so please guide me to the right choise. =)
Looking forward to hear from you! :bounce:

Thanks a lot in advance,
Stian Berg Larsen
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  1. First choice ASUS G51J-A1 :o

    Good spec all around. i7-720QM, Full HD display, GTX 260M, 640GB HDD 7200rpm, 2 years ASUS warranty (1st year Accidental Damage Warranty). This is international warranty unlike Sager. Free 30days Zero Bright Dot LCD warranty unlike Sager, free
    Carry Bag/Gaming Optical Mouse unlike Sager.

    Get it before is sold out.

    xoticpc do NOT have this in stock, 3-4 weeks before they get more stock.

    Second choice ASUS G72Gx-RBBX09 - 1299$
    Also another great deal but not Full HD screen.
  2. If the price difference difference between the Sager model and ASUS G51J was like $100 it was worth it,but for $300 its not,so i vote for the ASUS model as well
  3. Thanks for the quick reply =)
    Seemes like there are BSOD problems? And overheating is a big issue. I guess this is something all of them have. 15" with numpad? woah.

    Anyways, I really like this computer. But do you know if the 260M is downclocked on this one too? Because thats the main reason I'm not getting the first Asus I listed..

  4. Anyone got some updates on the BSoD's on this asus machine?
    And any onformation regarding the GPU; if it's downclocked or not..

    I have to order very soon, so I need some help now.. =/

    Thanks a lot in advance,
    Stian Berg Larsen
  5. Amazone sells the Asus G51J-A1 for 1454$ (free shipping, including the bag and the mouse)..
    I still dont know if I want this, or the G72gx from bestbuy :S Only downside from the G72gx is the underclocked GPU, and the locked bios... Downside of G51j is all the BSoD's, but it hs a great monitor, and i7, and same GPU....

    Not easy to choose... =(
  6. It seems its Down Clocked:
    "the nVidia GeForce GTX 260M (still downclocked to 9800M GTX speeds)"
    About BSOD,i am not sure so you better ask the users who have this laptop:
  7. Ok.. thanks a lot for the reply..
    Got any other recomodations? I want a good laptop for around 1500$, but I cant find any good deals, other than the one i already have here.

    A sager with 280M will be 400$ +, and I dont think I can afford that just for a 260M -> 280M upgrade.. =/
  8. The Sager model has better build quality and better cooling but its more expensive,another alternative would be AW M15x with GTX 260M but it even costs more than the Sager one lol.
    Well as i said the Sager model has better cooling/better build quality and also GTX 280M.
    If you can't go for it then take a look at SAGER NP8662,it has GTX 260M + Core2 CPUs and a lower price
  9. Thanks mate =)

    Ye, I'd love to buy a Sager, with the 280M, but 1700$ is just a bit too much...
    Do you think it's worth spending 400$ more to upgrade from 260M to 280M ? I dont think the performance difference is that big. Not that I would really know, but only gaining a few FPS is not worth 400$ for a poor student like me.. =P
  10. No for $400 isn't worth it,as i said take a look at SAGER NP8662
  11. I will =)

    Meanwhile; I think I'll buy a cooler with the laptop. A chill mat, or what it's called.
    I'll do some research on these too, but if you got a mat you've tried, or that you know is good, please let me know =) No need to do research on it, as I will try and find something, but just if you know a brand or a model that works good. =)
    Dont want to spend too much on it though..
  12. Hmm, vant find any place where they sell that sager.. Tried searching for the clevo name too.. nothing yet.
  13. Thanks =)
    Strange that it didnt show in searches.

    Anyways; after configuring the laptop, changing only the CPU to the Q9000, it's still more expensive than the g51j-a1, which has the same specs, but with an i7-720 and dual hdd's..
    Dillema.. =P Also the asus ships with mouse and bag.

    After looking more at the g51j-a1 I think I will be choosing this. it's 150$ more than the g72gx-rbbx09, but has a better monitor and a better cpu(+mouse/bag/warranty). I'd love to get a g72gx-a1, but thats again up at around 16-1700$, with the i7 and a better monitor. Still the same as the g51j-a1 in specs.

    I just dont hope the BSoD is going to bug me too, as I really need a computer to work on with school. That is heavy rendering in 3d Studio Max, and otherwise a lot of graphical work in the adobe master collection series. And gaming for fun of course ;)

    What do you think of genTech Computers?
    Someone here recomended it, and I checked it out.
    it's the same price as Amazon, and I cant seeme to find it any cheaper. newegg is asking 50$ more, which is not a problem, but if gentexh is good then I see no reason why to go elsewhere =)

    heres the link for the Asus G51J-A1:
  14. Gentech seems to have good reviews,also ASUS G72GX is a good option too,its 17" and has C2 Q9000 on it with a good price
  15. Yes, I'd like to get the G72Gx (talking about the A1 ?), but that is 200$ more. And I get DDR2 instead of DDR3, and Quad instead of i7.

    Gah, wish it was easier to buy laptops =P
  16. Well DDR2 vs DDR3 isn't important because it won't make a noticeable difference in games/apps.
    But about i7 vs Quad yes you are right :)
  17. True about the DDR2/DDR3. I dont really care there. In fact, I'd rather get 6GB DDR2 than 4GB DDR3.

    But it sucks that it's a Q9000 vs i7, as I guess the i7 would be much better for me as I'm also going to use my computer for rendering 3d work, and thats a pure cpu task. But still, 17" would be great too.

    But it's the same resolution, and it's more expencive, so I really dont know. I think it will be the G51J-A1 model.. If I dont change my mind in the last second. =)

    If any others have any better laptops to recomend? I dont think there are any laptops that beats the great deal with ASUS on the G51J-A1, so the choises aren't really that many.. Only reason I didnt go and buy it right away is the BSoD problem. I was told ASUS is working on a bios upgrade to fix that, so I guess I'll be able to fix it soon if I get it now =)

    Thanks for the help! =)
  18. Well the only alternative for ASUS model is SAGER NP8690 but as we talked before,its more expensive and not worth for $400 more.
    I think ASUS will release a new BIOS update too,so i think you will be fine :)
  19. Thanks a lot for guiding me to this answer Maziar. =) I really appreciate all your help!

    Now I just dont hope they reduce the price a lot right after I buy it ^^ Either way it's still a great deal. I cant wait longer, as I have a friend in USA whos bringing it to me in Korea, and I need it for school in Australia next semester. Buying the same specs from Norway (my home country) would cost more than 3600$, so this is a great deal for me.
  20. No problem glad i could help ;)
    Hope You'll enjoy it :)
  21. Hmmm... Me again ;)

    So, been reading way too many BSoD reports on the G51J-A1 lately, and I dont really know. My main problem is that I will have a friend bring me the laptop from USA, which means I cant return it if something goes wrong. I mean, if the BSoD is caused by some RAM errors or any other hardware errors, I dont think I'll be able to return it for service for free?

    So 2 quick questions:
    1. The resolution on the G72Gx-RBBX09 is 1600x900 instead of FHD. Is there some way for me to compare what this will mean? Like, what is it equivalent to, on a 15" monitor. (Pixels per inch, or something).

    2. The i7-720 is suposed to be better than the Q9000, but after reading more I see that the Q9000 would actually performe better than the i7, as not many games handle all 4 cores yet, and not the 4 physical either. Which means I'd be better of OC'ing the Q9000 a bit, if at all, to get the same or better performance. Do you know if this is true?
    Also; hyperthreading. Runing 2 threads in 1 core at the same time. I dont understand how this can make it work faster? I do understand, if the threads dont require a lot of power.. But if it's true, that games cant take advantage of the 4 cores fully yet, and cant use the hyperthreading yet either, then we're left with 3d and video software. I'll be using 3ds max a lot, but I would guess rendering should use 100% cpu power either way, so that hyperthreading wont be of much help? Or am I way off here? =P

    Sorry for asking so many questions here.. I just dont have a lot of money to spare, and I want a computer that will work and not just die on me.. =/ Hope you understand..

    And thanks a lot for all the help.. really! =)
  22. 1_Well 1600x900 isn't a common resolution but its a good resolution for gaming with GTX 260M
    2_Q9000 is still a good choice,the difference between i7 and Q9000 is mostly in multi threaded apps but in gaming the difference isn't really much.
    Also Q9000 can handle 3Dmax fine too :)
  23. Stianbl; the warranty is international for ASUS G51J-A1, so I wouldnt worry too much. Bios update is out, it should fix lots of problems. And get a cooling pad, so heat wont be an issue.

    If I were you, I would buy it from Newegg though, it might cost $50 more, but it would be easier to get it exchanged or rufunded. If for what ever reason you didnt like it, give it back to your friend to bring back to usa for exchange/refund.( He can ship it back to you, with insurance).

    You need to relax, dont strees your self for no good reasons :na:
  24. Hehe, I guess your right. I always stress when I have to spend a big amount of money, as I want the best out of it. Still just a student, and aint got too much money =)

    But yes, the international warranty is good, so I guess I might try the G51J-A1 anyway. Howcome newegg is better than Are there any problems with them? I dont know, but I got recomended gentechpc by others who have the machine, so I dont know =) Personaly never done business with any of them.

    Thanks in advance,
  25. Both are good,which one sells it cheaper :D ?
  26. Which one got better customer service :sol: ?
  27. The GentechPC is cheaper. Service; no idea.. I would guess maybe gentechPC, as I've got very good response by email from them. And I just dont know about newegg..

    Think I'll go for the G51J-A1 from GentechPC, if you dont recomend another reseller =) I think it will be good either way. =) looking forward to recieve it! :D
  28. Xotic is very good too and has a great customer service
  29. but they dont have it in stock yet?

    I'm going to place my order tonight, but now I cant desice =P

    G51J-A1: 1450$
    G72Gx-A1: 1650$

    Gain of choosing the G72Gx-A1:
    15" FHD -> 17" FHD monitor
    4GB DDR3 -> 6GB DDR2
    i7-720 -> Q9000 (easier to OC to gain same performance I believe)
    2x320GB 7200 -> 2x500GB 7200 HDD
    DVD -> BlueRay reader
    BSoD -> much less chanse of BSoD
    all this for only 200$ more... But still.. Gah, if the G51J-A1 would be working as it should, I would have had no problem choosing... =/

    - -

    I started this research expecting to pay around 1299$, for the BestBuy version. But as this has a low resolution monitor, and no blueray (which I dont really need), and only 1 hdd, and no mouse or bag (which I dont really need, but is a bonus), and only 1 yr warranty, I started to reconsider.

    Also, the G51J-A1 is a GREAT laptop, but I'm scared about the BSoD. Also, it does get hot, so OC is out of the question here I guess. It has got the i7, but the Q9000 is supposed to be about the same, at least with a little OC.

    How can the i7-720 beat the Q9000 when it only runs at 1,6Ghz in 4 cores, while Q9000 still runs the original 2,0Ghz in 4 cores? (more if OC'ed. Around 2.3 I guess)
    And hyperthread only gains 20% at most, but usualy not that much.

    i7-720 @ 1,6 = 1,6*4 = 6,4Ghz + 20% = 7,68 Ghz
    Q9000 @ 2,0 = 2,0*4 = 8Ghz
    Q9000 @ 2,3 = 2,3*4 = 9,2Ghz

    if both are good enough to run games, then i dont need the extra juice the i7 can performe while runing on 1-2 cores, as this would be enough anyway. But when I want to render with 3ds max, I could sure need all the power i can get out of all the cores. =) I'm probably forgeting something important here, so please corect me where I'm wrong! =D

    Also, feedback on computer choise please.. :S performance wise, how does these 2 computers compare?

    How does the monitors compare? Both are FHd, but quality..

    I cant believe i have to stress this much.. :P i just want a good laptop! =)
  30. I didn't first saw the complete specs of the G72 one lol,i would choose it over G51J because with $200 more you get BluRay,More HDD and more RAM,bigger screen the only downside is Q9000 which as i said is a good performer even if not OC'd,because in games the difference between i7 and q9000 isn't much and in rendering tasks etc i7 beats q9000 but q9000 still does well in them too :) Judging the specs and prices i would go for G72
  31. I missed the Blue Ray too, I agree with Maziar, if weight is not big issue, go with G72. But be quick, it might go out of stock or late delivery.
  32. ok. I might choose the G72 then.. It's not easy :S =P
    It has 6GB vs 4GB memory, but it is DDR2 vs DDR3.. I still think 2GB more memory will be better than the difference in DDR2 vs DDR3.. Right?

    And the heat will probably be better (lower) on this, so OC is a posibility.

    I think I'll go for this if you dont have anything to add.. Gah... I only planed on spending 1299, but ended at 1645$. 350$ more than planed. Well.. I guess it'll be a nice laptop then =)

    The 17" still fits inside the same backpack that folows the 15" ? or is it a bigger backpack? I dont want a monster backpack.. :P
  33. yes. BlueRay is good. But I dont think I need it.. So it shouldnt be a factor.. But rather a bonus :P

    my biggest consern with the G51 is the BSoD, and the heat. With the G72 I can OC a bit too, both CPU and GPU, so performance should be better. Also more Ram, but lower speed. More HDD, and bigger screen..
  34. You know what... I cant decide.. =S Garh!!! I'm getting crazy!

    There is one thing though; seemes the G72Gx is back-ordered, so I will have to go for the G51J-A1.. Which is what I want anyways I think. I would love the 17" monitor, but I'd loose the i7, and I cant get it yet..

    I will just hope asus can fix the BSoD problem. otherwise the warranty should cover this if they dont fix it? Right?
  35. Stianbl Order the G51J-A1 then, if you didn’t like it, give it back to your friend for exchange/ refund, but again I think small companies will not exchange it for you that easily, so is best to stick to Newegg.
  36. Bus asus has the 2yr Global warranty. Wont this cover a BSoD problem? Or do you think I'll have problems returning and refunding the laptop if it does turn out to give BSoD all the time..
  37. If BSoD is caused by hardware, then it will cover you (which is usually is the case).Honestly you worrying too much, you have 2 years warranty from a respectable company, Just buy it and relax :D.
  38. yes, your right.. I think I've finally settled on the G51J-A1.. Love everything about it, and fingers crossed for no BSoD... =)

    Thanks for all your help here.. ^^ Really appreciate it!
  39. Oh, and most likely the BSoD is caused by timing between the BIOS and the RAM. So it's not actually a hardware problem. Thats what they think right now at least. So hopefully there will be a BIOS update that will fix this.

    Also; does BSoD damage the machine in any way? If it doesnt damage the machine to get shut down like this then it's not a very big problem for me, as I know there will be a fix soon, or I will return it in.=)
  40. ASUS G51 is better. Both in price and performance.
  41. Better than what ?
  42. Hey Guys,
    Just to add a point that yes the Sager is a little more than the Asus but as previously said the sager has better design, better cooling, better video card that is not under clocked.

    "i7-720 @ 1,6 = 1,6*4 = 6,4Ghz + 20% = 7,68 Ghz"
    "Q9000 @ 2,0 = 2,0*4 = 8Ghz"
    "Q9000 @ 2,3 = 2,3*4 = 9,2Ghz"

    The above statement doesn't make much sense because you are comparing different architectures. Its like saying that because Pentium 4 had a clock of 3.8ghz it was faster than the c2d (Conroe) at 2.6ghz... Which it was not even close, not even in single threaded apps. Here is a chart of how the c2q compares to the core i7.

    The only c2q that beats the core i7 720 is the qx9300 which is barely a win and doesn't even beat it in all benchmarks. If you don't have the funds for the Sager NP8690 go with the Asus with the Core i7. But I would recommend the Sager for those reasons previously said and the gtx280 that you can still overclock without a worry.

    My .02
  43. Hello there, i am a keen desktop over clocker that love's high level 3d, last year i put together the best most modern components i could find for a reasonable 2.5 grand! i was extremely dissapointed.

    i swore i wouldnt do that again so decided to do what others do, which is buy a lap-top that caters for my gaming needs ect.

    i looked at newegg, went round and round trying to balance the best value/performance ratio i could find, disregarding make or manufacturer of product(internal parts its 95% of the battle) in my opinion.

    so i find my self drumming up to stupid prices again at over 1.5 grand to be sure that i would find a gaming experience that i would be happy with, but then i gave my self a kick in the bollocks and said hold on, stop believing the hype.

    i then took a sunday visit to best buy, walmart, office depot to where i found a samsung A505-s6986 for like 679 bucks!, i was like u guys, going for Asus, going for Sager ect.

    this laptop has a t6600 chip and a gt 230 gpu and 4 gigs of good quality ddr3 ram with a 400 gig hard drive.

    i thought well, it will play current titles with lower settings im sure and i get the privalidge of mobilty and its cheap, so i bit the bullit and took a chance and saved some money.

    i was like y'all wanting to go for the ATI gpu as we have all read it blows nvidia out the water on test.

    and the i7 chip ect or at least a i5, i mean who wants to de-generate when u spend right.?

    well bollocks to all that, i got a slim, light laptop with great speakers and sound(unlike the ASUS stuff at the same price range) intel duo and......

    bf2142 max, dead spae maxed,bioshock maxed, wolfenstein maxed, ut3 maxed it goes on and on, my duel 4870 in cr on the last desktop with the asus maximus extreme over clocked not only heated the whole house but didn't run my games nearly as smooth as this cheap, great looking peace of hardware, i have to say, im extremely happy, a great buy at office depot right now jan 2010. weigh it up for the price, you get a good balance of hardware and very good performance. so im starting to think, its all just consumer hype, amd is in the *** and u guys are just bailing them out, ok, when the new BF3 comes out, ill build my self a desktop then when the prices have fallen, stop being a bummer, just wanting the bigger better more power hog, you dont need to do it, after all what is there to play right now? with windows 7 64 bit premium, its a no brainer. :bounce: :D sry bout the spelling was a fast draft.
  44. Hi there,

    Congratulations on a new laptop! =D

    Though, on some parts I have to disagree:

    My desktop has only a single 4870, and the T8500 cpu, and with that setup I can run crysis on ultra, and yeah, all the other games you mention. The only single game I could not run with max AA was Grid. For some reason my computer didnt like it. But with AA lower, and all the rest at max it went smooth.

    How your setup with dual 4870 did not run your games smooth I do not know..! But there where something wrong with your setup then =)

    Back to your laptop: the games you mention is not very new, and require not much to run. Try boot up Crysis, or any other newer games and see the performance on max.

    That said, I still like your idea about buying cheaper, and I usually go for the parts that gives best performance to price. In my desktop example I got the 4870, and not the GTX260 or 280 which was the newest and best, because it was 2x the cost, and not much gain in performance.
  45. Congratulations buddy on You new Laptop. I dont think the games you ar espeaking about are slow....For me they work just perfect.. Why dont you try reconfiguring them.

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