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Hi, I fortunately need to build another box for particular reasons... My current box is fine, I'd upgrade it but I actually need a second box. Anyway I'm just wondering if people could post their comments and suggestions on the following setup. Thanks :)
3.06GHz P4
Corsair XMS3200 2x256MB
9700Pro (or depending on release FX 5800 Ultra (correct?))
2x120GB WD 8MB Cache
Enermax 550W
3com 3c905cx-txm
SB Audigy2
P-106 slot load dvd
H600A (not too worried about case, under the desk job ;D)

(I'm hoping to achieve similar performance to what the site has, so the ability to O/C is needed)

Additionally besides compressor cooling with standard HSF and a cool room could you get to 3.6GHz or would you still need something else?

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  1. Sounds good, I say get started!

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  2. Quit looking in on my fantasies!!!! That's my system your talking about building!!!

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