I would like to upgrade my current Intell Celeron 800 mhz to a 1.4 ghz. I have been looking and I know I can get a BOXED CELERON 1.4GHZ-100FSB 256K for around 60 dollars. The problem is that can I use a FCPGA2 with a FCPGA mobo. I know this has been asked before but I could not find a good answer. My mobo is a Cognac+ which is in my emachines T1801. It supports 100FSb. I have done some research and seems it would work even if I had to buy a adapter. In basic I need to know if the .13 micron would work on this motherboard without an adapter and if the core voltage would work which I think it would with the 1.4ghz. I am supplying some urls. The first is a basic picture and info of my mobo. I could not really find anything helpful but you guys might.


The next url is the processer I want to purchase.


If you need more info such as a full system specs of my computer just ask, it is a Emachines T1801 but I did put a Gforce 4 MX440 and Soundblaster live 5.1 in it.

Thank You and Good Luck
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  1. WRONG Question! Look, the question you REALLY want to ask is if you can run a Tualatin core CPU or are stuck with a Coppermine. Why do I say that? FC-PGA2 means that the processor has an IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader). I bought a RETAIL Coppermine CPU from Intel, it says right on the box, 1.75v 256k FC-PGA2. Now we know that Tualatins don't support 1.75v, so I opened the box, and sure enough, it was a COPPERMINE CPU with an IHS. So FC-PGA2 means nothing when it comes to compatability.

    OK, so you want to know if you can run a Tualatin core CPU? Probably, with an adapter. It will probably be called an FC-PGA to FC-PGA2 adapter because the people selling them don't know any more about the naming than you do. Upgradeware has one, and their american distributor sells them for $30.

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  2. Thanks Crashman I was looking around and I did find that converter so I know I can do it but I have to make sure that my Bios wont screw up with that faster procceser.
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