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hi, windows 7 home basic has ram limit of upto 8gb, wheres home premium has it 16gb. will it be a good choice to get home basic for using it till EOL (2020 i think)?
4 years ago 2gb ram was sufficient for games, nowadays 4gb+ is the comfort zone.
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    Hi :)

    And your question is ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. If buying, go with Home Premium 64-bit Retail.
  3. Is there such a difference in price that it forces you to ask a question like this? I mean, if I had a choice between a theoretical $20 Home Basic and $120 Home Premium, then I would pick the obvious Home Basic, if we're talking about a general-use PC. If the difference is only $10, go with Home Premium.
  4. the price difference is $40-50. and yes, i am buying.

    and asking cause, in the coming years, if windows 8 takes the lead or say MS releases another windows in few years and games/ application devs start preferring those, then whats the use of spending 40$ more on something like aero or a memory limit that wont be reached ?
  5. If the features of basic are sufficient for your needs go with it.
  6. all features are sufficient, except the RAM limit of 8GB, that makes me feel at unease.
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  8. i will go n take the xp to windows 8 upgrade offer from MS, thanks all.
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