What can I replace my computer speakers with?

I currently have a reasonably good computer speaker setup. I'm Using the creative gigaworks g500:


I wouldn't mind upgrading to an all digital system but there is one catch, I need speakers that can play the audio from two computers simultaneously.

I have a two computer setup: one is for games and one is for everything else. I have the game machine's audio plugged into the surround inputs (3 mini-jacks) and the other computer's line plugged into the aux in jack so that I can hear the audio from both computer's at the same time.

Is there a home theater setup that can do this? I'd like to use digital inputs if possible.

I currently have an Onkyo system in my living room similar to this:


Is there anything in that price range that'll do the job?

I'm not really an audiophile but I want decent sound. I'm willing to replace the sound cards with something with digital out.
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  1. ur spec of ure PC, are u serious?????
  2. Oh sorry that's just a sig.

    My game pc is a core i7 920, 12 gigs ram, geforce 285x2, a soundblaster x-fi titanium, and windows 7 home premium 64 bit.
  3. If you mean by switching sources on the fly, that is no problem, all you need is an A/V receiver. If you want both sources to be playing simultaneously, I'm not sure, but a stereo minijack splitter cable might do the trick. I can't promise that it won't mess up your speakers though.

    If you do indeed want to simultaneously play 2 sources, why do you want that?
  4. Yes I want two sources at the same time. So I can have both computers plugged in at the same time and not have to worry about switching the audio.

    What I'm really looking for is two simultaneous digital feeds.
  5. got to electronic market & find connectors that want it or built it by you own for
    2 input & 1 output
    (its easy , get a dozen of female connector pins mount it on a small box & connect it )

    the links may help you
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