Difference between AMD XP & AMD XP Thoroughbred

Im thinking of building my first computer and have been looking at a few sites for parts,and beings this is my first go at it I'm trying to keep a low budget on this project, any hoo I found a Biostar motherboard that either supports AMD Athlon XP , Athlon and Duron CPU, when I loooked at CPU's at this site I found XP Thoroughbred core processors I checked the motherboards web site to see if this motherboard supported Thoroughbred core CPU's at there site it just said XP ,I noticed that at there site none of there boards had the Thoroughbred support in there listings, the board is:
Biostar M7VIG PRO Motherboard for AMD Socket A Processors
Supported CPU:AMD Athlon XP , Athlon and Duron
Chipset:VIA KM266 / VT8235
FSB:200 / 266MHz system interface speed
RAM:Both 2 x 184-pin DDR DIMM and 2 x 168-pin SDRAM DIMM Maximum 2.0 GB PC2100 (DDR266)
IDE:Ultra DMA33/66/100/133
Slots:3 x PCI 1 x AGP 1 x CNR
Ports:1xLPT, 1xCOM, 6xUSB2.0 , 2xPS/2, amd Audio Ports:
Onboard VGA:S3 Savage 4 Video Integrated
Onboard Audio AC 97 Audio 6 Channel
Onboard LAN:10/100mbs
I checked around and couldnt find any more information any where and I thought why not go right to the pros here at Toms, I'v posted here a couple others times and had great results. So if there is anyone out there that can tell me if there is a difference in the XP and Thoroughbred CPU's and if the thoroughbred will work with this particular motherboard I would deeply appreiciate it. Thanks. Also any feed back on the Duron CPU's for running Windows XP would be helpful,if the Thoroughbred doesn't work with this board I thought of going with that......remember I'm trying to keep a low budget on this and get some practice for my next project.
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  1. Hi guys its me again, I noticed Im getting alot of reviews on this post but no replys.Isn't there anyone out there that can help me PLEASE !!!!!!
  2. Here's a <A HREF="http://www6.tomshardware.com/cpu/20020610/index.html" target="_new">link</A> you might want to read by tomshardware.com. Every page has a lot of information.

    - It shows the Athlon with Thunderbird core (up to 1.4ghz, 0.18um)
    - Athlon XP (before 2200+ with 0.18um) with Palomino Core
    - Athlon XP (2200+ and beyond, with 0.13um) with Thoroughbred core. AMD has remanufactured Athlon XPs < 2200+ with the T-Bred core, but both T-Bred and Palomino of same rated speed are equal in performance.

    Aside from their internal differences, they all have the same socket requirements (socket A) which is also the same for the Duron Processor. That is why you can use any one of these, as long as the motherboard supports the speed.

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  3. I don't think you will find many people here familiar with that board. I would personally get an Asus if I were you. There are other good brands. If you are new to computer building get a good name brand that a lot of people use. That way more people will be able to help you. Also the bigger name brands tend to have less issues. That is not always the case.

    I really don't know anything about Biostar. I am not telling you it is a bad board. But being a newbie you want to be sure and get a board that is easy to set up.

    I can tell you that if your board only supports 200/266 MHz fsb then you will not be able to upgrade to the 333 MHz fsb Athlon XPs or the Barton's that will be 400 MHz fsb unless Biostar comes out with a BIOS upgrade. But if the hardware can't handle it then there will be no BIOS upgrade.

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  4. Thanks alot for the link it helped alot I did run across that article before in my research, but it helped reading it again my bookmarks are so full I couldn't remember where I read what,I guess what threw me off was that I read on one of the many many different sites that I'v been to the last week or so that some of the boards didn't support the Thoroughbred core but they must have been talking about the speed of the CPU.Again thanks.
  5. Thanks for the post I give it some thought on the motherboard and decided to go with the ASUS brand with the nvidia chipset even though it still only has the 266 mhz frontside buss, as I mentioned before its my first go at it and I want to keep the expense down. Heres what I decided to go with:
    MOTHERBOARD: Asus A7N266-VM AA - NVIDIA nFORCE 220 Chipset 266/200MHz FSB Motherboard Micro ATX- Retail
    Socket A AMD Duron, Athlon, and Athlon XP up to 2600+
    nForce 220D: NVIDIA IGP-64 north bridge and NVIDIA MCP-D south bridge
    FSB:266/200 MHz
    2 DIMM sockets support max. 1GB unbuffered PC2100/1600 non-ECC RAM
    Slots:3x PCI 1xAGP PRO 4x
    Onboard LAN:10/100 Mbps
    Integrated AC97and Dolby Digital 5.1 (AC-3) Encoder Audio
    Integrated Nvidia Nforce GeFORCE2 Video.
    CPU: AMD Athlon XP 1700+ Thoroughbred /266 FSB Processor CPU 1700+/ 1.47GHz.
    The case I picked out has an Antec Smart Power 300 watt power supply.If anyone has any thoughts on this set-up please reply.Thanks again.
  6. Are you going to get it from newegg.com? Because i just bought the exact, yes EXACT, same thing last Wednesday. Except I ordered a 512 mb PC2100 instead of 256. And i got a CD drive, and baracuda 40GB hard drive, and mouse and keyboard, though i forgot the floppy (i'll just pick one up at frys or something).

    I got the nForce 220 because it had everthing integrated: lan, audio, video. It was descently priced and i think i will be satisfied. I'm planning on using that computer for work, so no gaming requirements are really needed (well maybe a quick round of WarCraftIII). As for the processor, 1700+ was a good price also, it's 1433Mhz i think, but since its T-Bred it won't need high cooling requirements like my old Athlon 1.4GHz (you would know, you read that article i pointed you to).

    It all added up to ~$450. Would have been sub 400 but tax and shipping got me.


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  7. What do you plan to do with this computer?

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