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I've got a second-hand Fujitsu C-Series laptop that had the dreaded mup.sys problem (gets as far as mup.sys in the boot sequence, then hangs). I found a Fujitsu disk checker that said it found two bad sectors and could lock them out. I did that and the laptop worked almost completely right. But the DVD-ROM doesn't register in the Control Panel/System/hardware screen or in the BIOS set-up screen. I got another DVD-ROM and put it in with the same results. I can hear it spin up and seek, but it still doesn't register. So my question is: is this likely a hardware problem* or did the part of Windows XP Pro that deals with DVD-ROMS get fried and locked out by the disk checker? Or is it a BIOS problem that I could re-flash to solve? Many thanks for any advice -- I know desktops far better than laptops.
*I tore the whole laptop down to fix a loose power jack and didn't find any loose cables; I also sprayed the contacts where the DVD-ROM plugs in with contact cleaner. I suppose it could be a bad solder connection on that plug like the bad connection on the power jack, but I didn't check.
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  1. Is it the right DVD drive in the caddy.

    I say this because I have tried replacing CD drives for laptops, finding a standard bare drive that will fit the caddy and then found that (for example) Dell's BIOS locks out any drive not specified by the factory.

    This isn't the case with every manufacturer (or even every Dell) but it's thought.

    I wouldn't blame Windows, given that the drive isn't being recognised in the BIOS.
  2. The replacement is the same drive (Teac) that I took out of it, although I suppose the previous owner could have put in the wrong drive before I got it.
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