Windows 7 internet problems

all internet programs freeze up and I can't use them such as window live email, my wells fargo accounts etc. they load but won't work and my cursor which is in the shape on an arrow constantly blips into a blue circle and then back to an arrow
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  1. try another browser. also which anti-virus anti-malware software do you use?
  2. Something is accessing the system resources when your mouse turn's to a loading symbol. By internet programs, I'm assuming you mean everything within your browser?

    It sounds like you are able to access the internet, but that at some point the internet disconnects.

    Do some troubleshooting test so we can even this out. Go onto a website. And take notice to your network icon in the bottom right hand corner. Now, when the "freeze" occurs does this symbol change? If so, start with a power cycle on your modem, and router.
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