Booting from usb shows disk error

I burned the windows 7 ISO file to my USB pen drive....I AlSo set the USB DEVICES TO BOOT FIRST IN BIOS SETTINGS........ but whenever i try to reboot it a message is displayed"disk any key to restart" But pressing any key does not effect and the same message displays again and again...plzz help
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  1. I can think of three likely problems and one unlikely problem.
    1. Did you really burn the ISO image to the pen drive? Did you use software such as freeisoburner: to burn the ISO to the drive or did you just copy the ISO to the drive? If you just copied it, then the computer can't read the files
    2. The USB drive may be broken. Have you tried burning the ISO to another flash drive or disk?
    3. The copy of windows you downloaded wasn't the whole thing and there are missing files that once again, the computer can't read or find
    4. Your USB ports on the computer is broken.
  2. 1. i burned the iso file using MICROSOFT WINDOWS 7 USB-DVD DOWNLOAD TOOL software
    2.none of the USB ports are broken
    3. the files present in the windows 7 ultimate i downloaded contain a WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE ISO FILE(around 3GB) , bootsect file , windows 7 loader , some read me files
    What to do???
  3. Have you tried to burn it to another disk and try?
  4. i tried to burn it on another usb flash drive but the same problem occured
  5. I'm having the same problem since few days .The problem is not USB as i am able to boot from the same USB on other computer.Do u have other OS already installed on your computer.
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