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My laptop only has a HDMI port and my TV has VGA port, what cable do I need, to use the TV as a monitor?

Will cable like this help: or do I need converter if so what is the cheapest I could get? Please help!
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  1. If you HDTV is 1080p and has an available HDMI input, then the easiest is to do straight HDMI to HDMI. If your devices are HDCP compliant you will also have the option to do audio through the HDMI cable. 720p HDTV's will work also, but limited to ????x720 resolution.

    If you can't do HDMI into your HDTV, then you will need to convert to DVI and then to VGA. If that cable in your post says HDMI to VGA, then go for it. I couldn't find one doing a quick search of NewEgg...
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